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  1. As a complete novice, I would appreciate some assistance. I have just changed to TalkMobile but am now no longer able to receive my email or get on the net., It may appear that TM do not officially support this phone, but I find it hard to believe that in this day and age I have a problem. Is it possible to get hold of the settings for what I want or not ? (I'm beginning to regret signing up with them, not anticipating a problem.) Thanks for any help or advice.
  2. Can somebody please recommend a small program I can install to keep tabs on my monthly data usage ? Thanks.
  3. Hi all.....I've done a couple of soft resets but my Program page is now showing programs three across instead of the usual four ! Is this a first or have I accidently done something stupid ?!
  4. Could anybody please recommend a Non glare screen protector for my HD ? I keep getting 'shiny' ones which is very annoying when using the device for Satnav in the car. Thanks.
  5. SOT.Would somebody be able to send me the Yahoo.com mobile settings for my Touch HD please. I can send but not receive. Thanks.
  6. If anybody is using the above DVD copying software for their Touch HD, could they please give me the settings they are using, given the options available...thanks. ps Is there a better solution other than Spd ?
  7. Should the screen rotate either way dependant upon how you hold it ?Going into IE for the web, I can't get it in the Horizontal position. And why the apparent two Internet options....one by scrolling acrooss and the IE option ? Thanks.
  8. Not sure how to ask correctly. How do I enable the camera with the in built GPS please..?
  9. I would appreciate a word or two of advice. As ordered, Santa Claus kindly delivered 1 x HTC Touch HD as promised. However, I am struggling with one or two issues. 1. I cannot change the Today screen from anything other than the HTC version, despite going into Settings/Today and generally playing around with the options shown 2. Coupled with this, how do you add on selected items to appear in the today screen ? I have ticked relevant boxes but to no avail. And 3...the background colour always appears to be green...is this correct or can you change it ? Thanks, and a Happy New Year to one and all. Mike. (ps Please feel free to move this into the correct forum as I wasn't sure where it should go.)
  10. I've just purchased a small mini USB to headphone jack adapter, so I can use my faithfull head set, but, on connecting...no sound, just from the Vario itself. Any ideas anybody ?
  11. But hasn't the new ETEN glofish X800 superseeded this, or is it a totally different animal ? Also, this is the one that's been getting rave reviews...but it looks the same/similar...anybody throw any light on it ? http://www.pharosgps.com/products/all-in-one/PTL600.htm
  12. I'm just coming up to 12 months with the Vario from T Mobile, and have run into a bit of a strange problem, which has now happened twice...Christmas and yesterday. The problem is with the 2gb memory card, (or the phone itself ?), in as much that at least two thirds of the data has mysteriously disappeared...and no, I didn't delete anything. After shopping, turned it back on to run Tom Tom v6, and it came up with 'No Maps'...which I knew to be untrue. Going into File Explorer, sure enough, there was not a lot left on the card. Getting back home I did a restore, (luckily backed it up just last week.) and everything is now back to normal. I've also now created a second back up card, which I suppose I can keep in the car somewhere, just in case. The first time this happened was over Christmas...and we just had to be over 500 miles from home...very annoying, and had to rely on the rubbish Honda in built sat nav. Anybody any ideas ? Or who to turn to ? Thanks.
  13. Do you reckon I could run both TT5 and 6 on the same device? Problem is that on my travels I have a load of overseas maps running on 5 and I am loathe to pay more money to duplicate them all for 6. Basically when, eg, I am in Australia, I'll use 5, and back in the UK switch to 6. Feasible ?
  14. Advice please....reliable supplier of a 4gb MiniSD card for my Wizard/Vario ? Thanks.
  15. Has anybody managed to load Skype on to their device...if so, any tips to watch out for. I've tried and failed.
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