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  1. Hi there! SMS Forwarder Pro should work perfectly, even on the Blade! Its not free but its got some nice reviews. Let me know how it works for you!
  2. Untouchab1e

    Forum's Country Flag images

    Hi! I am running a forum as well, and I have a country flag mod installed too. However, I dont like the flag image set that came with it, and I like the ones used here much better. I just wondered where they were taken from? Kind Regards!
  3. The progress on porting Android to the Raphael has been amazing the last couple of weeks. However, with the Diamond and Raphael port getting mixed up with lots of new kernels and builds scattered around, I thought I would just collect all the latest files in a nice .zip with everything you need to run Android 1.0 on the Raphael. I've only tested it with the Raph100, but Im pretty sure it will work on the Raph110 as well. (maybe Raph800 with some tweaking). Get it here
  4. Untouchab1e

    Get Android running!

    A lot of effort is going in to get Google's mobile OS, Android, running on other HTC Devices. Quite a few phones can now run a build of Android with limited functionality. However, with the G1 right around the corner, we aim to get Android running fully! www.htc-android.com is a forum where one can discuss and read up on how to get Android running on various HTC devices. Including the Kaiser, Touch Dual, and more.. Posted this in the news section, but not sure if that worked. lol
  5. Hey, i have a Touch Dual, and im really happy about it, however, there is one thing that bugs me beyond mad! When i turn of the display (hit the power button), the phone goes back to the home screen when i turn the display back on! So its hopelessly useless using PointUI, or Slide2Unlock, or using Java apps, because when the display times out and turns off, the phone forces back to the Home Screen! Is there some well hidden setting ive missed, or is it a registry value i can edit? Cheers!
  6. Just a quickie before i get myself a Touch Dual. While keeping the phone in your pocket, is thee an easy way to somehow lock the touch functionality, so that you dont accidentially "touch" buttons? Cheers!
  7. Untouchab1e

    Windows Live Messenger problems

    Hmm, weird bug.
  8. Its just a slight anoyance really, but if i write an SMS with the qwerty keyboard, and hit "Send", and then close the keyboard, i cant go back to the homescreen, if i press the home-button or the back button (to get to the home screen), the phone just freezes. The solution is to expand the keyboard, and close it again. Is this a comon problem or is it my device? If so, is it something a soft/hard reset should fix?
  9. Untouchab1e

    Home screen "E-mail" field?

    Ive set up a my g-mail account on my vox. However, when i recieve an email, the "E-Mail" field on the home screen remains as "E-mail (0)". On WM5, the name of the e-mail account would show with the amount of unread messages. Any way to get this on WM6 as well? Cheers!
  10. Oh well, got my Vox, im very happy with it too.. But having some troubles with the Live messenger client. When I log on, i get an error message telling me a problem occured, but i do manage to log on and start chatting. However, my nick is set to the same as my email address, and when i try to change the nick, again "a problem has occured". Slighly anoying! Anyone care to shed some light on this? Cheers!
  11. Untouchab1e

    Homescreen Custom e-mail?

    Well, i just got the Vox (yay!) and im more or less extremely satisfied with it! Great phone! Only one question.. At the home screen i can see "SMS", "MMS" and "E-Mail".. the problem is that ive set up my google account on the phone, and whenever i get an e-mail the e-mail field at my home screen still shows E-mail (0). For some reason, it seems that it isnt linked to the gmail account? On my previous WM5.0 phones, whenever i set up an e-mail account and i got an email, it would say for example: "Gmail (2)".. any way to make this work? Cheers!
  12. Just a quickie, ive got the newest beta versjon of Live Messenger for Windows Mobile 5. How is the legal work on this one? Its a beta, and its free, so is it allowed to post a download link? Cheers!
  13. Untouchab1e

    Forum advice?

    I recently started up a forum in connection with my website, but I am having a really hard time getting people to use it. So far ive got 3 members, out of which two are active, and one of them being me. Anyone got some advice on content, or anything else that I can do to make the forum attractive? Ive read countless guides and even written one myself, so maybe time is the only solution. But in case anyone here have some new light to shine, well.. I could use it ;) Check out the forum at http://forum.connect-utb.com MOdaco rocks!
  14. Untouchab1e

    Cant get headset working

    Alittle update (been using my entire day on this)! I tried to use just a regular Plantronics Discovery 655 with my phone, and guess what? It didnt work either. So the problem is not A2DP related. I then reset my phone to factory settings and tried again. Still no luck! I really dont get this! I make\recieve a call, i answer (either with the phone or by pressing the button on the handsfree), the handsfree makes a little beep to confirm that the call has been answered, but no sound. Not from the phone's speaker, and not from the handsfree either. Anyone? Please!
  15. Hey! A few weeks ago i tested a a Motorola A2DP headset with my Qtek 8500. Music and system sounds play perfectly, but for some reason, when making calls, there is no sound at all, and the person on the other end doesnt hear me either, regardless if im talking into the phone or to the headset. I Figured this was a fault with the Motorola Headset. But today, i got myself a Nokia BH-501, and the same problem is still there. Please, can anyone help? Ive tried with my HTC TyTN as well, but the same damn thing occurs with that one too! Cheers!

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