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  1. the_changing_man

    Mio A701 Whats your Rom Version

    Unfortunately the English version is corrupt!
  2. the_changing_man

    Mio Map - major ongoing issues

    question is...is it a WM5 problem or a Mio problem?! ;)
  3. I'm quickly loosing patience with my 701...amongst umpteen other issues i'm about to reinstall MioMaps for the 3rd time as every few weeks it seems to think i'm in Champley in Paris....WTF is that all about!!! A reinstall fixes it back to its normal working state but its starting to do my head in.... another small unrelated set of gripes - it constantly resets the backlight and ringtone settings to the default factory ones....feck me!! Cheers,
  4. the_changing_man

    Answerphone Spool

    mine still tells me i've 1 new message every time i turn it on....looks like its there forever ffs :S
  5. the_changing_man

    Car holder blocks speaker

    TBH i really cant complain either....as murf says sat nav is 100% i can listen to music at a decent level and still hear the commands well enough...speakerphone has me shouting to be heard and i have to mute the music but i generally dont make calls in the car
  6. the_changing_man

    Memory issues

    I'm getting a fair few out of memory errors when using Mio Map ( considering i've had the software less than 24 hours!! ) The only way to avoid them is to have no other program at all ( even simple things like contacts or notes running ) My free memory with no programs running is 28.18 MB is there any way to get this up? how much memory does WM5 use? seems to be a bit of a mess that i cant even have GPS notes open for entering into Mio Map without it crashing and requiring the program be force stopped :S
  7. the_changing_man

    Eastgear / Spectec 802.11b works a treat

    i was thinking the same thing myself TBH....ordered one of these cards there recently ( still waiting for it to arrive ) but it would be nice to have a dual card with 2 or 4GB onboard...
  8. the_changing_man

    In call sound quality

    i did have a juke for any of the files mentioned and any duplicates in red but no joy...dear knows!! There are 12 events in the list but i dont want to start deleting them in case it needs a hard reset ffs :shock: repllog.exe, connmgr.exe, calupd.exe, calnot.exe, clocknot.exe, calendar.exe ( a few are duplicated... ) if anyone fancies some trial and error on their own...let us know :?:
  9. the_changing_man

    In call sound quality

    Any idea which ones you remove? there doesnt appear to be any pointers on their site!
  10. Nadavi, quite right! Once the mio menu itself is turned off you can run the allinone.exe file and the bottom menu will appear by itself! Cheers!
  11. allinonE.exe into the startup folder? restarted the phone and i dont see it working unfortunately :S
  12. the_changing_man

    Battery time?

    battery time is ropey enough but i think as others have said its only when you're using the GPS a lot... i had a full charge yesterday morning...made a couple of calls circa 30 minutes and used the GPS for 90 minutes or so ( while downloading co ordinates from the internet and making notes ) That was as far as i got before it died....the sooner they release spare batteries the better!
  13. the_changing_man

    In call sound quality

    mines fuzzy in the background as well unfortunately...nothing too dramatic but i'd rather get it replaced if its not suppose to be like that... makes the same sort of sound a PC will if it picks up a mobile signal near to it... Another real issue is after my first voicemail notification the icon wont disappear and every time i switch it on it tells me i've new voicemail!!! ( this is after deleting all voicemails..even old ones )

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