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  1. turn auto brightness off. You'll have to search in powersettings for fastboot and then that off. it works for me as i found the battery stats kept going crazy. turn intenet on when you need it. used black wallpapers. download juice defender. also give the battery a week to optimize and also if you really need auto sync then adjust the syncing times. do you really need facebook and mail every 10 mins? etc if these things dont change you may have bad battery. twice a day is alot.
  2. Hey Paul. I guess you spoken to HTC already next time you speak to them could you ask if there any chance we can get Onlive :)
  3. Well Paul unlocked the Desire so if anyone can he can. Guess this is different as if what i've read is right its a hardware lock.
  4. Heres mine :) http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTY4MTQ4Njg5
  5. i think i might wait until the rooted t-mobile rom :lol:
  6. sorry i forgot to say i did it already. thanks for replying anyway :D
  7. just to be sure. this works on rooted phones right?? :lol:
  8. looks good. but $10 is too much unless i can try it out :(
  9. Best chance is a theme or rom check here. Xda developers have just started with concept http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=634843 Also point UI are trying to skin Win Phone 7 as well http://community.pointui.com/topic/pointsense-wm7-theme Apart from that. Wait for win phone 7 series
  10. Microsoft did what I asked and raised the bar instead of a "me too" approach. Win Phone 7 looks good. Now for us peeps who are on 6.5 for a while the old Idea for 7 all those "leaked" screen shots etc should have been used in 6.5. Its never too late. They could at least pimp the home screen a bit for those poor souls without HTC Sense :D if you dont know what I mean check this out http://www.neowin.net/news/revealed-origin...ows-mobile-7-ui
  11. Hope this isnt stating the obvious but make sure you talk to the cancellation team :)
  12. I think it may stay freeware and maybe some sort of shareware/giftware as the apps are from ppcfreeware.net
  13. just what we needed. open market sounds familiar. wonder if its the same project that stopped last year. anyway I think everyone should do their best to promote and help this service.
  14. :) XDA are legends since i finally got the LEO rom working how i wanted (ie Messaging working) im more than happy with TD2 for now. Also with Android emulation as well (HERO version almost here) alot to be get us by.... almost.
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