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  1. Wouldnt get to excited. Ive just spoke to them and they will process your upgrade but they still havent the stock to release and say it could be anything up to 2months before they ship
  2. Not according to the T-Mobile lady i just spoke - still unknown
  3. Hi All, Just recieved the MDA Compact IV from T-Mobile UK today after upgrading from the Vario 3 as they couldnt give me a release date for the Vario 4. Anyhow first thoughts are: 1. How do i get rid of the T-mobile branding i dont want a pink phone - is there a normal way of doing this without altering the ROM etc as there used to be on the Vario 3 ? Ive tried the search function but havent found an answer 2. Is there a hard reset button or function ? 3. What is the purpose of the round button in the centre should it scroll ? Cheers K
  4. Morning All, Got my new Vario after upgrading from Compact on Monday. Quite happy with except i have a couple of queries. I have three g-mail accounts set up on the vario which have been named by default to Gmail Gmail1 Gmail 2 I have tried to find a rename function so i can change them to the name of the e-mail account but cannot find it ? Have also tried a search but it didnt throw up anything either. ALso amused by the fact that the g-mail delete after reading but have found a topic on that and it looks like i will have to live with it ! Thanks In Advance Kev
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