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  1. With the Galaxy S4, you have to switch on (and unlock I think) the phone before the NFC works. Compared with fetching my wallet out of my pocket, personally this doesn't sound useful at all. Do many NFC enabled phones have the NFC part working with the screen off?
  2. I bought the MPOW equivalents and came to similar conclusions to you. I bought them for my commute into work, as I found the cabled headphones a pain for catching on things and generally getting in the way. I decided not to use them in the end, as I decided they were a bit too garish for the commute! Gave them to a gym-going friend, who really appreciated them. Ended up with another MPOW pair that are black, and don't stick out as much. Same benefits and problems as the pair you reviewed - great for music, poor for outdoor phone calls. For £15, I won't complain.
  3. DooGee Y100. Good quality components, and a fantastic name!
  4. Not sure it will be a big thing, but it certainly looks like a great idea. Lots of us have something similar to this, but the idea of having one that you can swap at any EE store for a fully charged one is a good added benefit. If I was on EE, I'd get one.
  5. I think the Edge is an interesting idea, but the potential use for it hasn't been fully thought out yet - a case of waiting for someone to come up with a really good idea for it (or not). I'm on an S4, and I don't see a good enough reason to upgrade to S5 or S6 yet. When I'm next looking for a new phone, then the S6 is the currently likely candidate for me - I do use my phone as my main camera these days, so a good camera is always a major pull for me. I'm not interested in anything larger than a small pocket camera, so the phone tends to give similar or superior results and is always in my pocket. Only major benefit for a "real" camera is the optical zoom, and personally I always disable software zoom on cameras as I'd rather deal with that later.
  6. I presume you aren't having this problem with any other device? What happens when you click the "Sign in to Wifi Network" alert? It should open up a browser window and show you something. My guess would be an issue with the internet connection at some point, and if the tablet can't connect to a google service it will assume a WiFi login requirement. e.g. if your internet connection was down at some point, and the tablet gets an error page from the router, the tablet might think it was a sign in page. I'm guessing a lot here, but hopefully it will help point you in the right direction...
  7. For the ultimate in endurance testing, give it to a child!
  8. Have you tried the first post in this forum? http://www.modaco.com/topic/355552-superboot-nexus-7-wifi-3g-root-solution/
  9. andybarker

    Nexus 9 Review

    Thanks for the info bitbank. Interesting stuff (for me at least).
  10. andybarker

    Nexus 9 Review

    Nice to see a different perspective on the device (and tablets in general) bitbank. I am curious what you are doing that benefits from specifically looking into 64-bit development?
  11. Sounds like your settings are limiting you to 2G networks for some reason. Try looking in Settings -> More Networks -> Mobile Networks
  12. I just tried using a totally different ROM to help speed up the sluggish performance of my wife's tablet, and failed totally for some reason. Thought about going to stock Lollipop, but after reading the reviews and my wife's hatred of the new GMail app style and colour scheme decided to stick with 4.4.4. Think I'll wait and see how it matures over the next few months. Personally hate some of the changes Google made to the stock apps for GMail and Calendar. Hoping they revert some changes, or at least give users options before I go for Lollipop.
  13. Dead simple app that records your journey (driving, walking or cycling). Resulting route is then saved as one or more file formats locally (KMZ, GPX and CSV) and optionally uploaded to Dropbox. No ability to view previous journeys yet, as I wanted to make it really simple to start with (I like to record my walks and car journeys, save to Dropbox and then view on my PC). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.sensiblesolution.gpstracker
  14. andybarker

    Nexus 9 Review

    That's fine for you. Good that we have choices. Apple's devices are a perfect example of people willing to pay more for a device that they prefer for whatever reason (may be fashion, may be aesthetics, may be a multitude of other reasons). If someone has plenty of cash, then they will quite likely choose the device they like the most - "logic" often isn't part of the equation, just personal preferences. I love my Galaxy S4. I don't care about the plastic casing and back, which seems to annoy lots of people - I put it in a bumper case due to my butter-fingers. I like it because it is a good size for me, I can plug in a nice MicroSD card to hold my music (and easily pop into another device if I want), things run well on it. Aesthetics of the device itself are a much lesser consideration for me compared with the aesthetics of the way the device works. I put Nova Launcher on it to remove the TouchWiz interface, and make it act like my Nexus 7 and Transformer Infinity.
  15. andybarker

    Nexus 9 Review

    As with a lot of things in life, depends on your needs. We have 2 tablets in our household, a 16gb Nexus 7 1st gen and a 32gb Transformer Infinity. Bother get used primarily for Kindle, browsing the web, emails, and the odd movie when on long trips. For us, we've never gone close to filling either. My phone, however, has a 64GB card in that holds all my music and I use that a lot. Transferring the odd TV show or movie to the Nexus or Infinity isn't a big issue for us. My Mum has a Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, and when I got it for her and set it up I loved it (she doesn't want a PC, so a tablet made sense). Feels really good to me. Sure I could get another cheaper tablet, but I like the size and feel of the device for use around the house. If I need to replace the Infinity, the Galaxy Tab line would be something I would look at first. I'm sure other people hate the device for a variety of perfectly good reasons FOR THEM. So if the Nexus 9 is the right size, weight, resolution, etc. for you and you don't need to have lots of media on your device - it could be perfect.
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