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    [MOD] Corporate Address Book

    I was able to extract & ran the Corporate Address Book from Motorola Droid on the latest FROYO build (which I missed badly). Just push the attached files in /system/app and you will have the corporate directory available for FROYO. I am using it in Modaco's ROM for several days and found no issue so far. GAL.zip
  2. Use the newer 2.03 ROMs they don't have this problem.
  3. theintelligent

    [ROM] My Stock Legend HTC WWE 2.03.405.3

    I have created a ROM for my personal use, thought I will share with you guys. Fresh Install: 170 MB free space Included - Rooted with superuser permissions - A2SD Working - dalvik-cache script from Modaco (Thanks to Paul) - Included HTC Notes - Included Maps by Brut - busybox - Zip aligned - Included Brut Google Maps - Task Manager tweak Excluded - Stock App & Widget - News App & Widget - Various other tweaks - Stock Maps This ROM is closed to Stock. Suggestions/Comments/Bug Reports are welcome Download Link http://www.4shared.com/file/9_SwY-XN...ockAPP2SD.html
  4. theintelligent

    MCR r2 archive

    I was able to resolve this by booting in the recovery mode and wiping the cache & dalvik-cache.
  5. theintelligent

    MCR r2 archive

    Same here :P
  6. theintelligent

    24/May r4 - HTC Legend rooting guide - Now with 1.31.x

    Successfully rooted with HBoot 0.43 and ROM 1.31 with no problems. Paul you are great. Now I am anxiously waiting for your ROM :P Hope it will be out soon.
  7. theintelligent

    CyanogenMod for HTC Hero (GSM) v1.0 (now with online kitchen)

    anyone have apps2sd work on this rom? If yes, how?
  8. theintelligent

    AOSP 2.1 ROMS Exhange Contact (GAL) Support

    Calendar Sync attached ;) CorCAL.zip
  9. theintelligent

    AOSP 2.1 ROMS Exhange Contact (GAL) Support

    This is related to AOSP 2.1 ROMs in which Exchange Address book and Exchange Calendar functionality is not available.
  10. theintelligent

    AOSP 2.1 ROMS Exhange Contact (GAL) Support

    Has anyone tried the attached GAL support? I tried by myself but my phone is not OK ;) Edit: Working flawlessly with aosp-2.1-jnwhiteh-r4.zip CorGAL.zip

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