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  1. It can be registry problems....can someone provide me the values of a normal phone? ...
  2. I have a spv c100/htc oxygen and I have a problem with my speaker , when I play any sound mp3 or system sounds I can hear only a cracking sound. I don't know what it is but it's definetley not from the speaker . I have this problem too when i connect the headset still the cracking sound.... now the funny thing is when I make a call and swich to the speaker it's working . can anyone help me? maybe it's a driver problems...BTW I made a hard reset but still this problem. tnx
  3. please if someone did that free post it here
  4. Chedabob it seems we have the same problem but the difference is that i'm stuck in the tricolor mode (for eternity haaaahaaa LOL) if u find the way out of the freeze screen please tell me
  5. I'm back with an idea :D .... I can install again the wm5.0 but i need to change my bootloader(that with "need IU?) and if i will have that bootloader (SPL 1.10.1090 i think) i can update the rom... I tried with patched RUU but it is not changing the bootloader. Anyone have another idea or another program to change my bootloader pleas help(i'll give a beer :D)And i forgot to mention that the nbf flash is not working.
  6. yes I reapplied the Orange rom...success but still not working
  7. My phone starts only in canary mode (red green and blue i think). I updated with the Orange ROM...it worked , it said - congratulations your rom was succesfuly updated but it only start in canary mode.don't accept other ROM because it gives the err (Invalid vendor id. What i can do? I tried hard reset soft reset but nothing.please help me , I have waranty but i don't think will help me. thanks,sorry for my english.
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