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  1. I'm using it with win7 with no problems I'm on usb cable as well. maybe try enabling or disabling "enable advanced network functionality" under USB to PC
  2. hmmm 28205.. more problems i declined a call and it stayed on that screen for...until i reset it.. again none of the calls are displayed.. when u said 23620 is better I guess u really meant it :)
  3. hi there, i just flashed with 28205, few problems: 1. at startup if gave an error message saying cook.tsk is not found! 2. the missed call bug is more like a, it doesn't display any of the calls bug. how do I turn off the TFdetacher. I just want m2d. I went to today(home) settings and only selected touchflo. and nothing was visible.
  4. can the chef's name their files with more information when they're sharing? why? because, for example i had been downloading the roms so that i could try them afterwards now my computer has: 28014-m2d 28014-Neo 28205-FloTanium 23520-M2d etc etc and its impossible to search for them in this forum.. everyone uses the same build number and the suffix and its confusing.. instead could they make em like this: 28205-FloTanium-Nicklashidegard-2010-01-05.rar so that we know the internal build number, name of the chef, and release date.. I think it'd be helpfull for everyone Thanks and sorry for posting this on roms.
  5. hi there, recently flashed my omnia with your rom. many things are nice, but i've a problem. i do connect to edge but i cannot seem to get my 3g to work. nor hspda. was working fine. does anyone experience 3g problems? also is there a way to add task manager to the nice bar at the top of Today? ow and HAPPY new year to everyone :) @Solidus I've the same GAP problem as well..
  6. what the heck is this? at least put a screenshot or something. a bit of explanation. some dude's rom?
  7. wow seems very promising. I wish it had trial version to test it out
  8. i haven't had the time to flash my omnia yet, though i downloaded the firmware. i will in 2 days b4 going on vacation ;) others might have tried to publish updates and list of changes to the builds in some manner, but could you, at least, add the date of the build and be more organized. forum is limited i know but not that much. cooks can use codebox, quote, html, bullets etc etc.. just for the sake of it. there really should be tables enabled in invision power board ipb.
  9. wow, I want to try it. sounds very promising! thanks for the link
  10. I've win7 as well. I personally went the safe way and used vmware with xp loaded. u can use grandprix to flash your phone through vista but i dunno about win7. again safest way is to have a vmware xp install. but if its a hassle for you, u'll have to search for grandprix software and read the guides. there is phone part etc part...
  11. u guys are somewhat smart enough to flash but cannot think of charging your battery??? u're basically inviting problems.. the write process is immense on power and takes about 20min. its the first rule of flashing.. anyways i hope u'll be able to flash it again and not brick your phone..
  12. well i wasn't intending for an automatic one, but now u requested for a list because u want to choose a rom. next day there will be 10 more roms and someone else will have the same request.. even the phone manufacturers are not able to compile them into a single anything. one phone model has 30 features whereas one has 10 other 40. its either a huge list with lots of blank space for those without certain feature or just a side by side features lists that u cannot make proper comparison of. it would be beneficial to do what u're saying and i'd actually do it its not that hard, but then u would not read anything about the rom like the bugs found, the problems that peope experience etc.. not u maybe but other people will start complaining when something goes wrong. when most ppl see a proper list they like to believe that its official and everything is througly tested.. well i could just shut up and start making the spreadsheet but it will be a huge list i'm guessing.. anyways... pinning works as well :D
  13. I believe there has not been any new improvements on the phone part. and no chef is able to or have tried to improve the phone part. thats samsung's job :D this page i believe had the latest rom http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...re-version-fix/ but i'm not sure of the latest update date. i don't think anyone's up for such a task mainly because its pretty hard to combine all those topics on a forum without full html processing capabilities. one could do it with asp/x/php. but what's the purpose, there will be a rom waiting the next minute.. if u check this forum, check xda-dev and check other forums all over the world u'll see that there is millions of roms. u just have to read read read and choose. every chef have his own catalog but there isn't a chef's catalog of catalog ;)
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