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  1. The demand is definitely here!!!! Cheers, Lutz
  2. lutzh

    Official 2.2 Froyo Untouched

    Hi there, anyone knows how to do that on a Mac? Any help is welcome! Cheers, Lutz
  3. lutzh

    Cooking the Touch ROM

    15 Euro = 20.68170 US Dollar for all the people that want to save big time!!! anyway, i have done it with the german htc touch. worked like charm, thank you for the guide! cheers, lutz
  4. ...works on HTC MTeoR as well (after application unlock). cheers, lutz
  5. lutzh

    HTC Breeze Upclose & Personal

    actually you don't need any issues of anything to find that out - just check the htc mteor product flyer to see that it comes without the front camera... i've attached it for you :-) @Pondrew: thanks for the warm welcome :-) i was reading all the timew but had not so much to say. i only popp up on the release of new devices now :-) cheers, lutz
  6. lutzh

    HTC Breeze Upclose & Personal

    tomorrow, gerryr, tomorrow! cheers, lutz
  7. lutzh

    HTC Breeze Upclose & Personal

    hi there htc removed the front camera for video calling because - quote - the results did not meet the quality criterias. i've got the release device last friday, recognizable by the forward facing arrows and the green htc home screen and boot logos. you can check it out here http://msmobiles.com/news.php/5360.html tomorrow i'll get the htc tytn delivered. watch the space for photo comparsion then if you are interested. cheers, lutz
  8. ps: if that is a legal issue please share the link via pn! EDIT : I'm sorry but it is considered to be a legal problem by forum policy. As is abuse of the PM system for the same purpose. ;)
  9. lutzh

    RSS client

    if you are interested in getting rss on your smartphone - including a today screen plug in - check this out: http://www.rsshome.com cheers, lutz
  10. did you install the needed software from the sandisk pages? drivers are not on board of the compact by default! cheers, lutz
  11. lutzh

    Update MSN on M500

    if you ever loose it again, simply run your file explorer in the windows folder and copy the messenger.exe into your programs folder :-) cheers, lutz
  12. lutzh

    SPV C500 Polished Edition

    hi folks the guy who did it restaurates oldtimer cars too so he know very well how to keep the shiny finish for the future - a special politure seals the surface. its pretty well known that the c500 and its derivates have a metallic front cover and i am just about doing the same to my mda compact (colour is already removed i only need to do the fine sanding or decide to spray it in a cool dark colour - don't know yet how i gonna finish it). if someone needs details on how to take c500 or magician into parts just post here... this thingy does the colour removal and the fine sanding perfectly: another fine idea to do the finish is using chocolate :-) - check HERE! :-) cheerio! lutz
  13. i have this in german for a while (unreleased still) - i was really unsure if i'll keep the mda compact or a smartphone as number one device. with this software the desicion was pretty easy: i am smartphone less now and only keept the jam... cheers, lutz
  14. lutzh

    PPCProfiles Pro

    hi buddy i am still looking for a smart profile application that changes pre defined profiles upon the gsm cell i am in... :-) is this challenge enough??? cheers, lutz
  15. lutzh

    Phone profiles

    hi buddy you are right, the mda compact/jam DOES NOT have profiles on board. there is a nice plug in from o2 asia, called o2 plus. it brings you carrier name, shortcuts to programs, quick call divert AND profiles on your today screen. check out xda-developers.com and search for "o2plus" and take the second posting, the second download... cheers, lutz

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