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  1. Cheers for this thread guys! I was seriously considering returning my hudle 2 due to battery life, where even if I turned WiFi off the battery would only last me 8 hours in standby! After turning the WiFi to always off in deep sleep and never to poll for available networks the battery only lost 5% over night! Much happier now!!
  2. Great isnt it two reasonably hardcore phone geeks completely and hoplessly lost and confused!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! :D :D :D B) ;)
  3. Exactly where i'm getting confused!
  4. now that i can answer! 2.51 and 2.51.1 are build numbers not versions of android. tho i cant clarify further as to what this does!
  5. So any ROM for 2.51 will work for 2.51.1? As this is where I'm getting a bit confused! Or do you think it's worth waiting for the official froyo update?
  6. Very tempted to go froyo, which version of eclair did you upgrade from?
  7. Well I'm amazed how much more refined the Defy is after my blade running ginger bread! Have rooted and installed custom recovery on my 2.51.1 defy takes alot of hunting around to find the correct drivers, even needing to install a new .Net framework on my pc!. Am I correct in thinking that any of the current froyo roms have bugs still? Seems alot of folk are saying so.......?
  8. +1 to the Op, Also coming from the Blade! Any info till my defy comes from my Ebay seller will keep me happy!!! Thanks :D :D :( ;) B)
  9. Just bought one this morning on Ebay for £178!! brand new with sealed box .....sadly locked to tmobile! still thats fixable!
  10. Yep back to N25 here too.......excellent work of course from the devs! :D
  11. you should stay with N21, certainly the best of the bunch lately (for me at least!)
  12. Hi, that's a very valid question. The way I get around it, is that I use A2SD - in a few easy steps 1. Backup the contents of your SD card. 2. Use (the free) Minitool partition wizard http://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html to create 1 primary FAT partition, and 1 primary ext2 partition on your SD card. 3. Copy the contents of your SD card back onto it. 4. Install Dark Tremor A2SD (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=715940) using clockwork or Recovery Manager. 5. Restore your apps (I use Titanium backup) and they will all be installed on the SD card, so as long as the ext2 partition is big enough, you won't run out of space . Then, just to be sure, when installing new ROMs over the top, flash the new nightly, and then flash Dark Tremor immediately afterwards, just to ensure it's still set up and working correctly. Exactly what i do works every time too!
  13. Having flashed n22 0n top of n21 i can report that proximity is working fine for me!
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