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  1. I have only one method to lock the screen: the new method with slider. BUT (in settings) I can only configure the old method locking screen wich (of course) has no result. How do you think I could change between the old and new method?
  2. I have a Vodafone B7610, recently upgraded from 6.1 to 6.5 My lock screen looks like a WM 6.5 lock screen with slider, but when I try to change the appearance of the lock screen in settings I get the 'old' WM 6.1 (push button) lock screen. Anyone an idea how to resolve this?
  3. Try this: http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...z/#entry1178086 that works!
  4. Official Vodafone Windows Mobile 6.5 rom is available now through New PC Studio update function.
  5. I have recently installed WM 6.5 on my Vodafone Samsung B7610 through the use of Samsung's New PC Studio software and I now have the Accu Weather widget wich can be used in the Privat mode but not in Work mode. A MSN weather application is also available now on my phone but this is not a widget.
  6. If you explain me how I do that (or point me in the right direction) and tell me where you want it to upload (I have a megaupload account), I will do that.
  7. Official Windows Mobile 6.5 for dutch Vodafone Samsung B7610 is available from today. Until today i got the known error messages when trying to update. Today I got a message from New PC Studio that a update was available. I have New PC Studio version 1.4.0 IK1 running on Windows XP SP3. Accu Weather is now available, widget for downloading new widgets, Marketplace and several new widgets. Photo problem seems to be resolved also because i took a photo and it looked te same as before. I'm very satisfied with WM 6.5 sofar. Software ROM versions now on my phone: PDA: B7610NBUIK3 CSC: B7610NVDFIK3 TELEFOON: B7610BUIK1 Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional CE OS 5.2.21868 (Build 21868.5.0.69)
  8. Hi all, sorry if this has been asked/answered before. I searched but could't find an answer. I've recently become owner of an Orange SPV C500. I hate cables so I would like to have a bluetooth headset. For both making calls ánd listening music. Can anyone advise me on this. I'm a complete nitwit on smartphones. Thanks, Eduard.
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