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  1. rbcd

    A701 -v- SPV M5000

    I like mine. Find it a great combined device. See the views here: To Buy or not to buy...this is the question!!
  2. Only way I've found is to turn off the BT headset then tirn it on again. Not ideal but at least it works.
  3. rbcd

    Other Mio A701 fora?

    Yes but the forum rules state were not alowed to advertise them.
  4. rbcd

    One-handed operation

    Well I've tried the screen protector. 1st time I put irt on it seemed like it was about 2mm too short, then realised I'd put it on with some under the top lip. Replaced it in correct place (a perfect fit) and used it. I found the devise less responsive with the screen protector on. Also difficult to write on the screen as there was too much friction. Also when I used my fingers I kept getting marks with reflected in the sun. All in all it seemed far better without the screen protector - I've ordered a decent case instead!
  5. Thanks for that. It sound just what I want ... would like to see a picture though.
  6. Has anyone got a decent case for their A701? I've tried looking everywhere and there don't seem to be any specific ones for the unit. I'd really like one that allows me to see the screen and use the buttons without opening the case or taking the unit out.
  7. See my edited post 2 up.
  8. Sorry URL had changed as had trouble with server. Cab file found at http://www.fourpages.co.uk/Mio_A701/eDialer.ARMV4.CAB
  9. Thanks to bogblaster (on another forum) we now have a cab file for people who have had to perform a hard reset. This will make the phone application work correctly again. You can download the cab file from: http://www.fourpages.co.uk/Mio_A701/eDialer.ARMV4.CAB
  10. have any of you done a hard reset yet? I think that mine worked fine until I did a hard reset and since then it hasn't recognised things when I type them in.
  11. Has anyone found a way to make the volume louder when uing speakerphone? The speaker when using speakerphone seems much quieter than when I play music files on Media Player.

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