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  1. i doubt its possible, but you can use them as modems via infrared but this uses gprs which is a ) slow and b ) expensive why not buy a 'proper' usb wifi adapter, only about £15 and will be secure and fast link Phil
  2. you can use windows live search and gps, connect your gps to the ppc via bluetooth and note the COM port, then go to windows live search and press menu, settings, and tap on where it says 'no gps' select the right com port and go!!!
  3. thats because you set the background in the wrong way. go into pictures and videos, and navigate to where the picture is stored, and press and hold on it to get options, and press set as wallpaper, at set opacity to 100% if you set a picture as background through either today options or file explorer, it sets it to about 20% opacity. very annoying
  4. the icons and screenshot displayed on your website are copyrighted by Apple so apple are saying they now own the start and taskbars of windows mobile???
  5. dont know about your ppc but mine included a thing called 'phone pad' if you click on the little keyboard icon in the bottom middle and then the up arow to the right and select phone pad, you can use t9 with your fingers and thumbs... phil
  6. its either on start - settings - lock for phone lock or start - settings - phone thjen under security. its not a tab, its the last option on the first tab
  7. mandt, you're the one that said to download the divx codec to try and decode the videos which are encoded in mjpg... :)
  8. yoy may need a codec, i think its this one: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Motion_JPEG_Codec.htm oh and mandt, the video was recorded on the phone, which cant play divx without another player/codec, so it wont be possible to record in it. if you had read and settings on the phone, it would say record as mjpeg avi, NOTHING to do with divx
  9. i think this is what you want: plain black all over!! (see attatched file and put it in 'my documents') Black.zip
  10. why have the z and y keys been swapped around?? a qwerty would make way more sense...?
  11. this is going to work, but i cant remember all the programs, 1) download and install a program that allows you to see whats on your pda on the desktop (there are many around, google it) 2) download a program (this is specific, but im so sorry but cant remember what its called) but it can take an area of your screen and send it over webcam, you select the area where the pda is on the screen and open the camera app and itll work...
  12. im fairly sure it is SIDO, and ive seen a mini sd wifi/bluetooth but since its already got wifi and bluetooth... what were you wanting to connect?
  13. is it in power save mode? (by the way, im getting a wizard, dont have 1 yet) but in the setings you can change its batteryusage, if it is set to higher i think it boosts receiver strength or something...
  14. it doesnt seem to work with my c550, whereas in wmp10 it worked fine. i also have an archos av500, when set to 'windows device' it crashes the pc. when set to 'hard drive' it works fine. hopefully fixed in final release....
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