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  1. I agree. I much prefer the look of the t-mobile version.
  2. that was a quick install uninstall for me. connected no problem to my AIM account. browsing the list is SLOW!! selecting the hide offline friends didn't actually hide the offline friends and made the list WAY too long. no t9?
  3. THANKYOU SO MUCH. I too live by that damn task pad and manage all of my active jobs and clients with it. It was a PITA not have them categorized. A+. good stuff.
  4. GREAT post. This worked perfectly as mine also had the invalid # problem with the upgrade, I just did this following step by step and it worked perfect, not a single hickup. Just might want to mention in the registry the its the local_machine folder
  5. I just got my Qtek 8310 today. reset it to default, put in my sim, synced with PC and exchange server. the problem is I get no data connection. It says to check settings. I'm on cingular with EDGE. My 2125 didn't require any setup for the data so I'm i nthe dark here. Help would be much appreciated.
  6. I too would really like this with US English, I assume a WWE release?
  7. ok so My 2125 was stolen today. Not a happy camper. unable to recieve calls all day, not good for work. I stopped at Cingular and grabbed a new SIM card and popped it in my Razr when I got home. despite being upset, whats done is done. Now I'm thinking whether or not to get another 2125 or maybe go with an sp5 instead. Any thought between the two. It will be on the cingular networks, setup with my corporate exchange server for mail, contacts, and calendar, and will be setup with gmail and hotmail accounts. I like the idea of the wifi and I much prefer the looks of the sp5. Am I sacrificing anything by going with the sp5 versus the 2125 on the cingular network?
  8. Ok thats cool, anything for AIM as that is what I use most. thanks. I wasn't aware of a ROM upgrade, still need to do some more browsing.
  9. ok I'm new here. my 2125 is in the mail from ebay. I'm really really hoping I don't have the same problem with the app unlocking. This is a great thread, something I love tosee when searching forums for new products I buy. I was just wondering is there is an AIM and MSN chat client available for the 2125 since it doesn't come with one like the SDA does.
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