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  1. Think i found the fix for my flash issue not playing ever since previous betas. @dande, mayb you can try this. I was using flashlite 3.1 built in secany's jb1. but some how i think it's only working for IE, not all version of opera. I'm not sure either if the opera cab includes flashlite cos i don't remember seein any adobe dlls after installing opera. I'm lost for correct steps after so may attempts. but try this 1st. google for this build and install only in main storage "Juggalo_X Official Flash Lite 3.1 CE-OS 20757.cab". enable opera plugin settings and test at youtube non-mobile. if it's not working, i did the brutal way haha: (1) clean every *flash*/*macromedia* u can find regs/dirs. i used resco: a) \Windows\FlashLite, \Windows\*flash*, \Windows\*ieactivex* (some mayb rom, u can ignore) :) goto opera 10 current folder, ???\Opera Mobile 10\profile, view the "axobjects.ini" file. take note of the "Alias" id, copy, search and remove the key in the registry (exclude { and }). i think it should have the same id for all flashlite builds but just to b safe. you should see some ieactivex.dll in one of the content. c) google for this build and install only in main storage "Juggalo_X Official Flash Lite 3.1 CE-OS 20757.cab". (2) you may test the step (1) 1st if its working cos i remember mine didn't where i finally cleared opera dirs. uninstall opera 10, clean the current location and reinstall back in external storage (doesn't need to b main storage). enable plugins in the settings and retest at youtube non-mobile. I can't tell the actual sequence but above might give u some hints. hope it helps, thanks...
  2. yes the plug-ins in the settings has been set to on. when i clicked on the grey button, it does like what you mentioned, but nothing loads and being played after that.
  3. i too can't see any flash content being played on all sites. the plug-in just display a white background with a gray play button. clicked play nothing happens. i'm on jb1 and had too many tweaks done so can't really tell whats wrong till the next clean install. i also tried playing with several flashlite 3.1 build and messed around with the clsid but nothing helps. i believe most of us would want to install opera anywhere except main memory so is this the cause? for anyone who's able to view the flash content eg. in the youtube mobile optimize setup we would appreciate for some advise. tia...
  4. All apps including spb ms lags on landscape and reverse portrait. any fix for this? i've tried with cleartype off, not much diff...
  5. Can someone upload to other than rapidshare, please?

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