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  1. I have also previously had issues with WiFi - this is not usually the wifi implementation in the Qtek 8310 but rather the out-of-spec wireless router or access point you might be running. Most routers I have tried with the following: - WPA2 encryption - Turbo/105Mbps/125Mbps/54g+ or any other speed increasing technology - *Some* 54g routers with no mixed/mode wifi implementation - 'g only' Do not function correctly with the Qtek 8310 wireless. I believe the further from the basic 11b spec routers get the harder the qtek finds it to connect - I have had great success with linksys routers (without turbo mode) and Zyxel equipment (they let you explicitly enable functions such as mixed mode wireless). Your mileage may vary with your router/ap but its worth advising upgrading to the latest firmware (only do this if you are comfortable and no what it entails) and then playing with the channels and settings to see what results you get. First thing to try though - try disabling that 'turbo' mode! ;) Matt
  2. I too had the CD with clearvue but had a problem that it wouldn't install on the strage card. I was given a serial no by westtek and told to get the 30 day trial from their site. I installed the trial on the phone after the upgrade to AKU2 and just put the serial in to register it - works a charm. Matt
  3. The instructions about unlocking the phone have to be followed explicitly. The error is caused by an application lock not letting uncertified software be installed. By following the instructions with the RegEditSTG tool and changing some registry keys, then rebooting the phone that error will vanish! Matt
  4. Hi, not sure if this error has occured to anyone else but...I am running WM5torage on my Qtek 8310 with the latest AKU2 update ( I recently tried to copy 200Mb of MP3's in a single folder to the 1Gb Memory card in the phone. All was going fine unti labout half way through and there was some kind of I/O error and windows could not write to the device anymore. I disconnected, reconnected and all went off as before until the error happened again. Anyway, a few goes and the files were all on ok. Or so I though. First 12 tracks were ok but then the 13th track began playing...and then after about 20secs a track by an entirely different artist that i had deleted a long time ago played. The track still showed the correct artist name and song length but was not playing the right song! Is there a file size limit on the phone performing I/O operations using WM5torage? Has anyone else experienced such strange "blending" of files? Matt
  5. Yes...read the original 1st post on this topic it explains how to get the Qtek 8310 roms to load on an invalid phone despite them being valid Qtek 8310 handsets. Matt
  6. Mobile Internet Explorer now has far better scrolling support (pressing 2 and 8 rapid scrolls a page at a time), the comms manager is improved to allow you to switch gprs off when its not needed, it seems quicker to connect to my WLAN (like 3 secs now instead of 30+), IE now supports frames, bluetooth stack actually talks to all my friends phones now instead of bombing, media player seems a little quicker...this is all I've spotted so far. If you'd like these things then go for it...but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. A2DP Bluetooth stereo is not supported by default but can be enabled fairly easily using the attached Tornado_A2DP.zip package from XDA-Developers.com, but please note again - I am not responsbile if it doesn't work or worse - it breaks your phone! Matt Tornado_A2DP.zip
  7. 4 is to switch on or cancel the push mail if it is taking place. 5 is to switch off the data service (gprs or edge) as they switch themselves on when needed! Matt
  8. This update is only for the 8310 but no doubt the 8300 update is also available, try logging into www.myqtek.com (if you can) to check for the latest ROM. The same instructions for unlocking the phone will apply. If you unlocked your phone then applied the 8310 update, it would probably work but your media buttons wouldn't work and potentially other key assignments so I wouldn't advise it! If you can't log into myqtek.com to get the official update hunt around on the web, no doubt someone will have a direct link - I don't I'm afraid! Matt
  9. The above keys are a culmination of the ones I changed/created from two different tutorials on application unlocking. I have just posted the method I followed to get the Cert.cab to install correctly to change my CID, I don't know what each specific registry key does I am afraid. I changed all same reg keys after performing the upgrade and I havent had an issue installing unsigned software such as wm5torage or auto keylock or any operational issues. Of course this is only my personal experience - change them at your own risk! Matt
  10. Glad you guys have found it useful - share the knowledge! To answer the question on SPV-Services: I think it is fairly device independant but for a definite answer I would check with the guys at SPV-Developers.com who wrote it! Matt
  11. Hi Everyone, Just thought I would create a step by step guide to help impart the process I followed to get my Qtek 8310 to run the newly released official AKU2 ROM. The upgrade initially came up with "Invalid Vendor ID" so I had to follow a few more steps from multiple forums to get around it - I have just aggregated those steps here. This is NOT an official or guaranteed method to install your Qtek ROM - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FAILURE OR PROBLEMS YOU MAY EXPERIENCE. 1. Get the latest ROM for the Qtek 8310 by logging in to http://www.myqtek.com to get it. 2. Reset device to manufacturer defaults before attempting to install the update - this should reduce the likelyness of problems occuring. A utility for doing this is under "Accessories > Clear Storage". NOTE: you will lose all your data if it is not on the Storage Card. 3. Wait for the phone to rebuild to manufacturer defaults and try the Qtek ROM upgrade (see step 13 & 14). IF you get "Invalid Vendor ID", like I did because "I'm not a brightpoint customer :blink:", then you will have to change the phone's identifier lock or 'CID'. NOTE: Changing the CID will invalidate your warranty. 4. To change CID first get RegEditSTG.zip from the attached files link at the bottom of this post. Connect up your phone to the PC and copy the ZIP FILE not the EXE to your phone and unzip the exe on the phone. 5. Run the regeditstg exe file (once unzipped) change the following keys to APPLICATION UNLOCK your phone. This is required to be able to install the .CAB file to enable you to change the CID. Navigate to: HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies\ Click "Values" soft-key Change "00001001" value to 1 (decimal) (recovery note: default is 2) Change "00001005" value to 40 (decimal) (recovery note: default is 16) Change "00001017" value to 144 (decimal) (recovery note: default is 128) Add new value "0000101b" and assign it DWORD = 1 (decimal) Reboot your device. These changes now mean you can run unsigned software such as the CID changing software. 6. Download SPV-Services from here. Thanks to the guys from SPV-Developers! 7. Unzip the file on your PC. Copy the Cert.CAB file to your mobile device. Then use the phone's file manager to browse to the file and then run it. It should flash up a warning about being unsigned - just click "yes" and let it install. 8. Reboot the phone again. 9. With the phone still connected to the PC and on, run the SPV-Services.exe from the SPV-Services zip file you should have unzipped on your PC. This will load the SPV-Services program. NOTE: This program does not work well with IE 7 or alternative browsers, try to make sure your PC has IE6 if possible! 10. Click "CID Tool (Alpha)" on the left hand side - it will attempt to read the CID from your Phone. (Mine read it fine without issue following this method...if you have problems then try www.spv-developers.com or this Modaco forum for some help!) Once it has, copy and paste the CID number that was collected to your PC in a text file to make sure you have a backup for whatever reason. 11. Click the "Set CID to 1111111" button and be patient. Do not switch your phone, restart your computer or unplug the phone! Changing the CID to this SuperCID your phone able to accept the new Qtek 8310 ROM. As I have said this process will invalidate your warranty. 12. Wait for the process to complete successfully. Reboot the phone. 13. Try the ROM update again, read all the instructions carefully and do not get impatient. My Update got stuck at 93% for like 4 mins before continuing to successfully update. 14. Your Qtek 8310 will have to rebuild itself which is also a slow process but be patient and you should now be upgraded to the latest version ROM. Hope this helps all those with the Invalid Vendor ID problem despite being paying Qtek Customers! Matt RegEditSTG.zip
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