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  1. whats your postcode in n wales, is it bangor (im guessing if its by the coast its there)
  2. well i just tried the spvm3100 and quite simply feel it is unusable as a day to day phone, it is just so damn fiddly, and there are about four different buttons for the same operation, just didnt get on with it (i can usually adjust to new tech very quickly, but when it comes to using something as an everyday phone, my patience is limited.) amazing phone its got it all but just not for me for everyday usage. getting a bag from orange tuesday to send it back.
  3. I cant recall processing a single feasability for north wales, they are almost all in the south...sorry :D
  4. no worries, p.s i should have said, although we dont have loads of firm orders at the moment, the amount of feasability survey requests is v large, and in order to maintain their part of the contract, t-mobile must bring a certain percentage of those feasability requests to firm order, so this should bode well for the future (although the feasability quotes are valid for a year so they could potentially wait until the next financial year to put in for order on these feasabilities.)
  5. I am currently am setting up the 3g masts for t-mobile. we get on average around 15-50 firm orders per week for 3g mobiles mast provides. t-mobile are actively increasing their 3g coverage and our contract with them is almost solely for setting up their 3g masts, building new ones on greenfield sites and also upgrading existing 2g sites (although many of these are on copper lines and therefore the process for 3g provide must start from scratch with a feasability request) t-mobile did give us the impression that they would be aggressively increasing firm orders, although this has not really happened as they claimed and we are quieter than expected although we expect this to change in the future. hope this helps
  6. hi does anyone here use their barclays graduate additions free phone insurance, is the cover as good as on oranges insurance? thanks sam
  7. well my spvm3100 is being delivered thursday, but the offer has changed a bit, because i decided i didnt want an 18 month contract. orange gave me handset
  8. The only advice i can give to those who want to get a similar offer to me is ring customer service about ten/twenty times and ask multiple people for an offer, if you get no joy ask them to go and ask their supervisor, if still no joy ask to speak to the supervisor. im getting the offer in writing (although i didnt have the promise to send me the offer in writing in writing if you know what i mean lol) one thing bout orange customer support is they completely lack any consistency. one person will swear the sky is green, another blue, its just the way with these big call centres. it took me five phone calls to get something in writing regarding the offer, some said tey do not do letters full stop, others said they do letters but didnt get it done, bloody nightmare to be honest. i would ditch orange without a seconds thought if t-mobile could match the deal i got (and if they didnt make the keyboard girly pink)
  9. oh ffs of course theres a fair use policy, no network has anything unlimited without a fair use restriction. the t-mobile sites we set up have a 1.9mb max bandwidth, so if someone used this all the time (which is not that difficult) then the cell site would sieze up. i did not for one second think it actually meant literally unlimited, who would? if you can find a cell phone provider in any country in the world that offers literally unlimited data packages with no fair use policy then ill eat my hat, it would be telecommunications suicide.
  10. lol you have to ask ask ask ask ask. i noticed previously that whoever you speak to in retentions says a different offer from the last one, so i rang orange once a day, bargained hard, kept saying i was going to t-mobile with their unlimited data package and got no no no no no no no no until today where a lady said she could do me that deal. i went through the whole deal over and over trying to find a catch but she said it was a defo, the data is for the whole contract and is on and off peak which i hammered home around four five times. the trick is for each thing they offer to sound skeptical and to hmm hmmm about it and then add another thing, right at the end i said "well t-mobiles contract is only 12 months hmmm hmm.....look ill tell you what, you give me free insurance too and its a deal." lol afterwards i was thinking sh*t maybe i could have got more talktime hehe. just to clarify i did spend about 2 grand with them over the last 18 months cus i was irresponsible with my minutes, so this did give me quote strong bargaining power. swear to christ though its not bullshit and once i get it in print ill take a digi photo and post it. UPDATE just rang random person in orange, asked them if the deal was showing and asked em to read it back to me word for word (didnt tell them what the offer was, and its all there down to the unlimited data woohoo. mind you ill count my chickens when i get the phone :)
  11. omg, was going to go with t-mobile, but realised they had no 3g here. hows this for a deal i got with orange for an upgrade (after trying around 8 different people in the cancellations dept): spv m3100 handset FREE 500 mins x network unlimited texts magic number unlimited data
  12. Its true, T-mobile are upgrading the majority of their sites to 3g. I work for BT and we set up t-mobiles 3 g sites (i issue the orders for greenfield feasability surveys for 3g network upgrades) the orders have decreased quite a lot this year, but t-mobile assure us that they will ramp up 3g mast orders as soon as BT's circuit order to circuit delivery timeframe has been improved (again this will happen very soon) so dont worry if you go t-mob 3 g i would think that within a year there will be a heck of a lot more 3g enabled masts.
  13. I agree. I've been thinking of ditching Orange lately. The main problems I can see at the moment are: 1. a lack of decent handsets (im hoping this will change with the spv m3100 rumour.) 2. bad contracts, a lack of flexibility; they desperatly need a web and walk facility, 3g pdas are effectively useless without an unlimited surf for a reasonable price, this is probably going to be what forces me to go with T-Mobile. I spent around 1200 pounds last year with them, and with the spvm5000 the most they would offer me was 400 minutes a month with no bandwidth or texts included...pathetic, because I have proven to them that I will outspend my contract, so they are simply losing out by not offering me anything better...sent the m5000 back after I realised how bloody huge it was...was a throwback to eighties filofaxs imo. oh and hello everyone this is my first post. :)
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