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  1. Luca, what about audio? Works?..If on g330 works good then why on G510 don't work? Phones are very similar...
  2. I tested rom for one day and i found small bugs: 1) When i flash FF there is no RIL but audio works,but when then flash baseband the ril works,can send message but audio dont work and cant call. 2)The wallpapers is always in low quality. 3)When i restart phone some settings not save and reset,like like time,keyboard settings
  3. For me resolution is ok, All i want is fix for call and multilanguage and rom will be great :-)
  4. hmm, you right. I edit build.prop and flash again but no diffrents and nothing change
  5. i don't know because i don't need this but i think it will be work.
  6. edit build.prop before you flash FF there is ro.sf.lcd_density line.
  7. Yes, On cm works good but on Firefox even when i flash baseband i have ril, can send and recive message but no call
  8. I have ril but when i send message all want to call the phone stuck and only remowe battery helps :(
  9. No need PC, I just copy rom to sd and flash it from recovery. If you have Firefox now and want to back to cm or other rom just go to recovery and recover you backup and then flash a baseband for your region
  10. I just install it and fox os is nice and smooth :-) Only what i need is multilanguage :)
  11. ok, just waiting for links to mediafire :)

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