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  1. Great spot guys, this looks like a really top end device
  2. Great to have the podcast back guys, not sure about your views on the Diamond, for me the Touch Flo UI is just not good enough, it is still way too slow and laggy even with the latest rom, also battery life, mine does not even last me a day with hsdpa and a few phone calls and push email, no way will it last 48 hours and when it warns you that it is going flat you have five minutes and boom it shuts off. Chris
  3. I know what the problem is however there is no solution. MMS needs to use its own connection so if you have a data cennection already active it will fail to send. If i disconnect my current gprs connection mms will send perfectly however as i use push email this is really hard to do as soon as you disconnect it immediately reconnects. This is a bug with the samsung phone every other phone i have had will do this all automatically its a bad ommission
  4. The only one i know is 4smartphone but its not free, they have exchange 2007 for new accounts and are currently migrating existing accounts Chris
  5. I have tried everything i know to get mms working on the i600 but its no go. I used the original samsung pre loaded settings but that didnt work, so i deleted everything and manually inputted my internet connection which works great for email and web access, then i put the wap details in and went to mms settings and set that up as the instructions on here and still it fails to send mms, the error i keep getting is "unable to connect verify your profile settings and try again. Anyone any ideas Thanks Chris
  6. I have just bought an I600 and updated to WM6 and i have to say coming from a Tmobile MDA Mail (Dash) the signal strength is rubbish, it flickers from 5 bars to 0 bars in seconds and where i got a good signal with the mda the smasung has none. Anyone else seeing this Cheers Chris
  7. As i had an upto date firmware all i had to do to install wm6 was download the netherland rom, change my phone language to netherlands and flash, once it flashed i changed it back to UK English and all is perfect. One thing i have noticed is the signal strength seems to be alot weaker now, anyone else seeing this Cheers Chris
  8. I need help, i have downloaded all the files necessary to flash with the latest firmware before upgrading to wm6. I installed the modem drivers and activesync 4.5, i created the partnership and activesync connects no problem. I kill activesync and put the phone into bootloader mode then windows says unrecognised usb device and i cant flash, i have tried everything but i cant get it to connect to flash the firmware. My current firmware is i600xxGC6 Anyone any ideas, i am using xp home service pack 2 Chris
  9. Can anyone confirm if the update has Bluetooth PAN (Personal area network) for easy tethering to my umpc Cheers Chris
  10. I dont mind that how do you go about doing it, i tried the cid unlocks from this site but it didnt help, i have been told to go to www.imei-unlock.co.uk and pay them to unlock it then it will flash, is this true and is there no way to edit the keyboard to rearrange the keys back Cheers Chris
  11. Anyone managed to update their phone with the Dash WM6 rom, i have application unlocked the phone or CID unlocked it and always get the Error 244 inalid ID error after 3%. Would love to be able to flash it to WM6 and hopefullt activate wifi as its been disabled in the uk rom, anyone any ideas Thanks Chris
  12. Try this link, i followed it and it works great:- http://www.rich-michael.com/pdf/User%20Man...USB%20Modem.pdf Chris
  13. Yeah i have, make sure you have the latest firmware on the car kit, for this you will need a laptop with a bluetooth connection. Keep the phone on power in the car and awake and everything works perfectly for me now. Before i updated the firmware and let the phone go into standby it was very hit and miss and i mostly wanted to break it, now i love it Chris
  14. :rolleyes: ;) Lol yeah i get some strange looks but believe me next to my body the Tytn looks fab and very petite lol
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