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  1. I've got two questions: Does it really show the actual CID value stored in the phone? Is it possible to restore the CID setting to the original value (after it has been changed to SuperCID)? If the answer is positive, please post some hints on how this could be done.
  2. That's right - I have a Qtek 8310 with a Kingston Mini SD 256Mb (made in Japan) and I've got the problem. Are there any plans on fixing the problem? I thought that Kingston makes good cards, should I buy another flash card?
  3. Hello! Some phones have a built-in feature that allows to turn the screen into a mirror. They probably use some special technology to make the screen really reflect the light. I'm just wondering if one could use some software to get similar effect on a phone hat doesn't feature any special technology for this purpose? I've found a program Palm Mirror for Windows CE 2.x, and I think that there should be something similar for Windows Mobile 5. It would be very nice if somebody could point me to the right direction. ;)
  4. So pity. ;) If you have tried Eur and Nor updates and they didn't help you... If you don't have such a service centre where you could bring the device and let them do free of charge update... Then probably you are stuck. I think that I would then choose the CID cracking method. Besides - did you try all the possible ways to get the LEGAL update? My IMEI code was not accepted by www.qtek.dk, maybe they will accept yours? ;) There are some more official Qtek sites around the net and maybe one of them is right for you!
  5. I've updated my device again. Now the version numbers are as follows: about: OS 5.1.195 (Build 14847.2.0.0) Radio Version 413.1.04_02.09.00 RIL Version 2.002 ROM update versions: System information: ROM version: OPERATOR version: 2.5.321.2 Radio Version: 413.1.04_02.09.00 P.S. I installed the latest Nordic ROM that arrived (as I noticed) today 2006/04/28.
  6. Yes, this is Nordic and there is Finnish. You should read this topic.
  7. Read this topic, please. Power off the phone Press and hold the "camera" key on the right side of the phone Connect the USB cable to the PC (do not release the "camera" key) The phone turns on and goes into the tri-color mode You may release the key Run the ROM update utility Pray I really hope that it helps. :P
  8. You can download the files directly from www.myqtek.com. If you have not registered, you can also download the same files but you need to know the link. I cannot post the link, but I can post you the filenames you have to look for. I have some ROMs previously downloaded with these filenames: 67766-to_bp_nor_1070_153212_010400_ship.exe 314025-to_bp_nor_2090_253212_020900_ship.exe 200624819AKU2_8310_2090_253221_020900_Ship.exe You should look into this page to get some more advice. P.S. I just tried to download these files and I can confirm that they are there on the server. Good luck!
  9. I just updated. T9 offers me English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Slovak, Hungarian, Dutch, French. Regional settings offer me: UK English, Magyar, Francais, Suomi, US English, Dansk, Nederlands, Norsk, Svenska, Slovencina. Unfortunately no Latvian, no Estonian and no Lithuanian. ;)
  10. Finally I have answered my own question. For all those people who also get the VENDER ID message - just try to install Swedish ROM. I guess that you can try every ROM with a filename that includes a substring "nor", just like the latest one - 314025-to_bp_nor_2090_253212_020900_ship.exe Besides - for all those people without subscription to myqtek: maybe you should try the previously posted filename of the European version and replace the filename with the one I posted. ;)
  11. The swedish ROM is in the site! I'm downloading it from http://www.myqtek.com Maybe this could help me with 'vender id' error ? P.S. As I uderstand - the link to the official site is allowed in this forum, right? Ok. The link is now shortened (to honor the rules ;-)
  12. If I try to copy a large file to the device I get an error. Smaller files can be copied easily. Is this a bug in WM5torage or in my phone/card???
  13. I've still got no reply about HOW TO BACKUP THE CID. As I understand - you are not updating for the same reason. If we could backup the CID, we could do the updates by ourselves and restore the CID what could also restore the broken warranty. Is it really impossible to backup the CID? Or maybe the real guys just don't hear my prayers? Or it's just a top secret thing and nobody wants to tell? ????????????? That' s what I wanted to know. At least now I know that it is something that was available publicly - so the fact that they have a test release does not mean anything about their connection with Qtek. I shall bring them the phone again. Next time I will save the new ROM on the flash card and tell them to install THIS cool soft and not the old s*** they have. Suckers... And they call theirselves the service center. And all these lies they told me about that they always have the latest soft directly from Qtek... The red "test only" thing was the first thing I noticed, but in the beginning I thought that maybe it's even newer test than the official release. And this is all just because they lied to me.
  14. Are you sure? It then means that those bastards gave me an old soft, right? ;) Just tried to update it now - the same annoying vender id problem.
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