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  1. I have a pebble steel and love it, but as we know, fitbit are switching off the servers in June. How does this compare in size and functionality?
  2. It's a really good upgrade to the smart ultra 6 (2K screen, SD652, fingerprint sensor) but I winced when I saw the price especially when you consider other phones at around the same price point (zenfone 3 deluxe, motto z and out today - oneplus 3) So I suppose the question is, does a 2K screen have the same value as a SD820?
  3. Could, theoretically, a qi charging coil be fitted under the back cover then? Or would the NFC thingy be compromised. (Sorry about the technical terms)
  4. £1.05 now, that extra 2p has got to be a deal breaker lol ;-)
  5. I always have a screen protector on my phones. Although I'm very careful with them, scratches happen and it only takes one incident and the screens ruined. Same rationale with a case really
  6. A lot of people like me who aren't comfortable with adb would prefer a "One click app" to gain root and add custom recovery. I remember I used something like that to root my HTC Desire
  7. Yes I realise that, i was just suggesting it could be an indicator along with other things. It's just that I wouldn't really know what to look for!
  8. So just having a 64 bit hardware doesn't guarantee 64 bit software! So how does someone like me discern which handset is actually 64 bit? I'm guessing my original observation with antutu scores could be a good indicator
  9. Forgive my ignorance but does that mean its a hardware issue or a software one? If its software, does that mean if the bootloader could be unlocked then would flashing a 64 bit kernal along with a rom rebuild essentially solve the issue?
  10. The su6 scores circa 27k and the alcatel 33k from what I've seen around the web
  11. The Alcatel and the su6 seem to have similar internals, (sd615, 2GB, 16GB, HD screen) so I was wondering why they seem to have so dissimilar antutu scores.?
  12. The Zenfone 2 (ze550ml) is another very good alternative to both of these
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