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  1. I had a similar issue with kitkat on my 8Gb N7, a full reset helped mine. Its not great but its much better than it was.
  2. Agree completely, apart from the pointless bezel markings (or at least the numerical ones) the hardware is fine, the 48 hours on always on mode means its functional as a watch. Everything else thats iffy is software (thats mainly because the ideal UX is quite there) and Google will fix/adjust as and when. Also as apps improve their notifications (FB is a bad offender, little info and few actiosn) wear will just get better.
  3. if it doesn't do it by default, not sure if there's anything that could change that I'm afraid.
  4. I got the launcher from here http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/11/13/how-to-try-the-google-experience-launcher-with-translucent-bars-and-google-now-once-you-get-your-kitkat-update-apk-download/
  5. fairly unimpressive, nothing visible changed or improved. I sideloaded the new launcher though and that is much better (the google now etc), not noticed too many issues with it either...so why they couldn't have sorted it for the Nexus 7s property and released it with the OTA I don't know. Seems like it was released because Nexus 5 was ready in time for xmas, rather than KitKat being ready.
  6. ordered, and thanks! My Nexus 7 has been fine so far, but one with more battery should be even better.
  7. Clever system that...should make common things like circle battery mods easier to port. Though a reboot button would be a nice extra!
  8. minor typo on the finance url there's a trailing period included. Interesting idea though, bit like the old mail order shopping catalogues with the short payment term.
  9. Just found a link here: Note this is still a 'test' rom, so beware!, but once the official comes out you should be able to do a OTA update. http://www.sammobile.com/2012/11/15/i9100xxlsj-%E2%80%93-galaxy-s-ii-android-4-1-2-jelly-bean-test-firmware/
  10. Where did you get it from? I was running resurrection remix but the 'fun' of being bleading edge has run out a bit, and I'd like a more stable version. Just installed the Modaco, and gaaa...missing way too much!
  11. ah, I've not done full wipes (after the first install) between the varying versions of your ROM, so that might be the cause.
  12. I've just recently started having a problem with the power button, where the device doesn't stay 'on' after you've pressed it, it just flashes on the back off. It's done twice now, the first it did eventually stay on, the second time I had to use power+vol down to reset the device:( Anybody had the same? Running JR8, though I *think* the first time was with JR7.
  13. The bamboo ones in PC World/Curry's etc, are crap apparently (as well as far to expensive), the tips disintegrate! The iwantit ones are ok, but the proporta ones are also pretty bad. (This comes from a few iPad users I know, so it *might* be a specific to them, but doubt it)
  14. I still think Microsoft is more after the business users with Surface, hence all the input mechanisms out the box. They want the Tesco delivery, DHL, Meter Readers, the ones still using Windows Mobile. They will obviously take any consumer sales they get, but I don't think they're after it...and I don't think the $200 launch price is likely due to that either. I think they'll go after consumers later. Android will win purely on the actual number of devices, due to the simple fact any OEM/ODM can create an Android device. They'll continue to loose in reviews, but Google should combat that a bit with the Motorola restructuring, releasing more premium devices. If they can get that without annoying Samsung, HTC, Acer and Asus too much then they will easily dominate the pure sales stats. Apple will keep its premium feel, and I think will be first to unify desktop/mobile properly...but they'll hurt their hard-core productivity users in doing so. The 7" iPad mini seems odd, to me a 5" iTouch makes more sense. But either device seems to be out of wack with the rest of Apples devices, and seems like a first misstep due to the lack of Jobs controlling force. It seems to make sense from looking at the success of the Note and Nexus 7, and other 7"'s, but following the market isn't Jobs' Apple. One area where Google/Apple could and should do better is global support, both iPad and Android have too many US only content, they need to flex their size and spend their sums fixing that...there's modern logical reason that any body in any country shouldn't be able to buy content from any other country, the distribution is irrelevant, the differing currency is irrelevant. The only block is the antiquated business practises of the content producers with their maze of unintelligible licensing laws and draconian outlook to modern technology.
  15. For the moment I'm sticking with Modaco rom, it's basically stock with some of the niggles fixed. Plus with the kitchen, you can further customize it just for you.
  16. cjb110

    Nexus 7 Review

    ok, true, but its also not on the device...so you can't do anything with it without wifi.
  17. Doesn't sound great, unless you really really want a rear camera ;) ...its dual core 1.2Ghz, fixed 16gb non expandable, standard LCD rather than IPS, does have hdmi out though. So the Nexus is better tech wise, plus its unlocked with a greater chance of long term support. If it was cheaper than the 7, then might be tempting.
  18. Got these http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005GPB8NC/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00, immensely cheap, but they work ok.
  19. If you read AnandTech's review, you'll see they republish the Tegra 3 models. Basically the Nexus has the cheapest of the 3 models, with the lowest speed, (due to manufacturing defects more than anything else, as chrisbaker said, the process of manufacturing often gives them varying quality, and they all try to make the most of this!) But tbh on a tablet usage model, 400mhz is not likely noticeable. So this is not like the HP Touchpad which was shipped underclocked, but like any CPU/GPU that is 'binned', *some* users might be able to overclock it.
  20. Just did, its an odd comment though, as it says Xoom works which only ever had 3.x and above on it.
  21. cjb110


    Having used mine in that Amazon case, I'd say its pretty 'ok', the way they've hinged it makes it quite a bit thicker though. I'd like more of a shell case too, with a smart cover though, then it wouldn't matter if it obscured the power button.
  22. If your not a old hat at this, some of posts on modaco (and even worse on xda) assume rather a lot of knowledge. So after reading through various posts, and I think getting 90% there and getting stuck with the adb/fastboot/drivers etc etc (I didn't realise about the usb debugging option, I think I had everything else :blush:) I found the following tool (for nexus devices only): http://www.wugfresh.com/dev/nexus-root-toolkit/ You only need that one download to get a device with ClockworkMod installed and rooted. Its not idiot proof by any means, but its more straight forward and all in one place. You *can*, and I'd recommend that you do, then update ClockworkMod with the version in this forum http://www.modaco.com/topic/355778-r3-6004-interim-clockworkmod-recovery-for-nexus-7/. Which you can do from the toolkit by: Click the Launch button, in the Advanced Utilities group Select the Flash option, in the Boot/Flash Image group Select the Recovery button. Select the .img file that you downloaded above. Follow the prompts! And obviously, flashing with Paul's Rom afterwards is a no-brainer :P
  23. First place I went :), and now + android is pretty good at associations, I was never asked if I wanted vplayer to open apk's
  24. I've just received the AmazonBasics 7" case http://www.amazon.co...ils_o02_s00_i00 It fits snuggly, but the corner strap and case lip does make pressing the power button fiddly. If Amazon wanted they could easily make this a smart case with a magnet and it'd be perfect for it. Pictures https://plus.google.com/photos/111486254043491108193/albums/5766525442392769937, one showing how the buttons are a little obscured.
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