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  1. fradleyp

    Samsung Gallery Data usage

    Turn off sync with picassa in google sync settings
  2. Hi Paul, IU tried both pre bakes last night and had a few problems with install. Touchwiz - music app forced closed whilst going through the set up but after I disabled it, it was fine. Vanilla - gapps forced closed whilst in setup and wouldn't let me complete (a box kept appearing saying no room on home screen) Both installed after full wipe and cache/dalvik. Tried vanilla twice.
  3. Can you still play videos in pop out mode with this? Installed cyanogenmod which was fantastic on San Fran but now seems lacking of the S3
  4. fradleyp

    Why so quiet?

    Yeah, after I posted that I decied to see if I could make head or tail of it. It looks like there's only about 3 threads I need to watch. The tool kit The ROMs Cynogen 9
  5. My S3 arrives on Monday and quiet frankly XDA scares the s*** out of me, I was hoping Modaco would be my friend.
  6. The logic was it's £16 a month cheaper, but not anymore it's only £5.50 cheaper. Ergo it's going back
  7. Thank you Paul for all your hard work and effort, just got my my PAC code and will be returning when this arrives. I was paying £20.50 on orange so this with free insurance is a no brainer. Now where's the SIII unlocker forum :-)
  8. Should I return this and get the S3?
  9. I got pretty much the same reply from orange. Cant disclose, voids warranty blah blah bullshit
  10. Yeah keep it simple :-) I take it x86 for pc is a lot different from x86 phone
  11. could this http://www.android-x86.org/releases/releasenote-4-0-rc1 not be flashed or is this where the signed shinanigans come into play?
  12. fradleyp

    N with blue circles

    Cheers and away it goes.
  13. fradleyp

    N with blue circles

    What is it? and also is there anyway to remove double twist as it appears to always be running.
  14. The beauty of the San Fran was you started it all off with your kitchen and it snow balled form there, only popping back when things went a bit quiet. I think I may have acted too soon, especially seeing the S3 on a £24 p/m contract. I haven't looked into hacking phones as there has been more talented people like yourself. Is there no way of using the micro sd to find a way in or using a usb like the PS3
  15. fradleyp

    camera shutter sound how to turn off

    You big tease

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