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    What makes you stick with Windows Mobile?

    Exactly how I feel! I bought an HTC Touch Diamond 2 earlier this year and thought that its high specification would bring an end to the lagginess and slow running of WM and other applications, and I would for the first time in years have a phone with a near-perfect OS that was also very responsive... Unfortunately I was wrong! I find it amazing that a 528MHz processor, ample what I assume would be high-speed RAM and plenty of flash storage cannot run a MOBILE OS smoothly... And to make things worse, HTC decide to disable any hardware video acceleration which is already present within the device! Many years ago a 500MHz processor would run a full-blown version of Windows along with applications, games... etc! I'm no expert here, clearly, but something doesn't seem quite right! Windows Mobile appears to be a very, very ineffecient OS The iPhone has lower specifications than my device, yet it does everything which it does far quicker and smoother than my TD2 :) The lagginess of this device actually stresses me out every time I try to make a call or send a message; phones aren't meant to be slow! Give me back my Nokia 5110!! lol
  2. I had a similar problem here, and resvoled it sucessfully. The answer is that you need to purchase an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority. I bought one from GlobalSign and since having that it has worked fine. It is to do with the handset only accepting certificates from certain CAs
  3. You need to have bluetooth turned on from the bluetooth menu, and then bluetooth devices will show up in "beam" :) Ad
  4. I definitely recommend the Holux GPSLIM 236 Amazing battery life, really reliable, good signal I bought mine for about
  5. Thanks :) Also, one small thing (I'm quite new, but I know you've probs been asked this before!) Are you going to make any WM5 homescreens w411y? I've seen the ones you've made - they've *very* cool, keep up the good work!! Ad
  6. I bought a decent bluetooth GPS receiver from a mate, just wonderng what cool stuff can I do with it? I've never used GPS before, and want to know what s/w to buy or download. Thanks! Ad :)
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply! Well, the thing is sending is fine, but receiving is always the problem from whoever sends me one. Basically, the phone seems to resize only the received mms's. Cheers, Ad
  8. Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have already seen that there are plenty of clever and helpful people on here! I've just started enjoying the joys of my first Windows Mobile Smartphone. I've got an i-mate SP5 with the latest rom (2.5 something!) Basically ever since I've had the phone, when I receive an MMS and the images are downloading, they have the correct filesize displayed. Once they are downloaded on the phone, however, they seem to be automatically resized, and are scaled down to about 120x160 pixels, and around 3kb! I've sent from a number of different phones, and still happens! Looked all over the place for settings too, but nothing! And I've contacted O2 and they assure me it's my handset. Please, can anybody help me?! Thanks, Ad

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