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  1. galtish

    Qtek 9000

    Maybe it's device specific, the problem was that the font would show up in all symobls unless you coppied a font over to you device, it was a well known bug on the xda developers forums.
  2. galtish

    Qtek 9000

    Emulator just released: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en Also, might want to try the free Opera 8.5 (?) beta browser for PPCs to see if it renders the web page correctl. Note that you'll need to copy a regular ttf font file (anyone, I chose Arial) from your PC to the PPC to resolve an issue with a weird defaul font. Try adding it to the windows/fonts folder or just to the windows folder.
  3. galtish

    Entering email addresses

    Not new to me, but it's good of you to post the tip. Actually this feature is a constant source of frustration to me for two reasons: The "predictive" aspect only works using the name for the contact, if you begin to enter the email address for the contact it will not recognize it as one in your database and offer it as an auto-complete. The Sidekick/Hiptop was much better with suggesting recipients for emails or text messages because it would instantly suggest recipients based on many fields in the contact database including 1st and last name, nick name, & email address or phone number. The 2nd thing that bugs me about Windows Mobile's auto-complete feature is that it only works if you initiate a email from within the app - it seems that if another application triggers a new email to be created (such as choosing a file to send via email in a file explorer program) the auto-complete feature is not active and you must go to "add recipient" via the menu.
  4. Agile is working on a new WM5 compatible version of their IM app. Visit their web site and download the free beta version, it's been working pretty well for me.
  5. galtish

    Universal V Wizard

    Are you runninga recent ROM for the JasJar? The most recent ROM with the AKU2 update is much faster than the previous ROMs.

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