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  1. lol the school is just awkward and won't pay to upgrade their network to support it because we hae just got 'Specialist College' Status for ICT and Maths so i think that next summer they're having a whole revamp so they won't upgrade their currrent system if theyre getting a new 1 soon.
  2. To be honest the 2k3 was a preference but nope it doesn't let you install. . . I tried it today on another lappy [ XP ] and it worked fine. I just prefered 2k3 thats why i uninstalled 2k7 And lovely sarcasm guys (Y)
  3. HELP ?!? Just started 6th form - Alevels - Maths Business ICT and Law. 1st assignment a PP Presentation, so after a new summer signing of a Sony Vaio on Vista springs on. 1st Problem - Microsoft office 2007...School still running on M Office 2003 so i cant really use it as i have to show my presentation to my overlarge Business class of 6 lmao. 2nd Problem - A mate gives me a copy of M office 2003 - are you having a laugh about Vista accepting it ?? So after i uninstall 2007 to downgrade to 2003 i find that it won't bloody install leaving me with now M office at all. So - Is there anyway that i can use 2003 when on Vista ?? If not how do i go about uing 2007 so that it will open on 2003 [as i've been told you can] but i wanted to avoid using 2007 cuz tbh im quite stuck in my ways with the fact that i actually liked 2003 lol. So if anybody can help me out here i would very much appreciate it. Gooch P.S i bought this lappy [VGN-NR32L] for the intention of my school only to find out when i got to school that it won't connect with the school WLAN network because it's on Vista - So theres another problem.
  4. MUTZ ?? and it isn't suited to every1 as its a closed genre ifeel but maybe thats just me
  5. Alfas are still a bit dodgey on the mechanicsand dont tend to be cheap so i wouldnt go for 1 of those TBH my first car is going to be a saxo [ citroen runs in the family ] but they are very veliable. This issue is always personal though cuz its you thats gotta live with it for X amount of years
  6. goochy1

    Which Laptop

    I went for the Sony Vaio - VGN-NR32L Its quick and fits the spec nicely :D 200GB harddrive which is a bones Just trying to getused to the new keyboard now tho <_< O i shudda really specified also - I HATE APPLE - so a mac never even entered my mind. Thanks guys - was fun reading your comments.
  7. goochy1

    Which Laptop

    I'm not quite sure i trust Dell - i dunno why i'm just a bit iffy abut them. I just been down to my local currys. the latest offer is THIS. http://www.currys.co.uk/martprd/product/seo/502746 If its any good let me no as i quite liked the spec and the look. I gotta get it soon lol i have to smash th "o" and "e" to get them to work
  8. goochy1

    Which Laptop

    Now that my GCSE's are finished. . .Im going to treat myself to a new 1 as i've had this one now for a year and a half and its slowing up. So that poses the question . . . Which one do i buy ?? What i need:: Well i want it to be quick so . . . 2GB RAM 120GB Hard drive Minimum Built in wireless Not tooo big . Not tooo Small Other than that - i dont understand about processors but like i say i need it too be quick - i use many internets at the same time aswell as music and videos and i use my capture card alot so it needs to beable to do alot at once. Price I've got about £600 i can spend but i was looking about £500 but i'm flexible. Message Bak if you have got any ideas / links Thanks
  9. Nosey are we ?? LMAO onli joking. My clan leader cheated another clan on Gamebattles so they banned the whole team. I changed my iP address then made my own clan again so its all good in the hood now :D
  10. Turning yur router off and on agsin did the trick :D
  11. Alright BoyZ Sorry i haven't been around lately but yoo no been busy lol So anyways - does anybody know hw to change your I.P address ?? Just reply with any ideas - I jus read leaving internet off for 8 hours works but i'm unsure - so just let me knw Thanks
  12. goochy1

    Capture Cards

    I bought that capture card, although from play.com for £49.99. I have been told that i need additional cables to hook it up. I forgot the name of it... i need the red, white and yellow cables, there was a post on Xbox Forums which i had saved in my favorites however for some reason the post hass been removed... pobably because of how long it has been since people posted on it however this was like aBIBLE. i think it was by Hardcore Wagman. It explained what to buy and where to buy it from and the how to link it together. Just a quick link from any1 to the the cables i nneed as i forgot the Technical name for it. Cheers Guys :)
  13. You sound mighty irritated at me there. Even for a gamerscore game like TMNT i wouldn't recommend it. It is such a rubbish game i couldn't even be bothered to complete the 8hr game for an easy 1000 G's. It's just awkward camera anglez.
  14. Hiya Guys, The GoW clan that i am founder and leader of are doing extremely well on the EU ladder (check my signature for latest standings) As i say we are doing extremely well, and this opens a very good door for you to get your business name or logo on both our GB site (http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/gears-of-war/team/-noobz-with-boobz-) And our official team website (www.noobswithboobs.piczo.com) We all have the same Gamertag (NwB II _____) so that we are recognised within the online community. Our team name may be altered to include extra advertisement for you. So we require sponsership which gives you advertisement and us ease within the gaming community. If any of you are interested or know somebody that is please contact me. Xbox live : NwB II ViSiOnZz MSN : [email protected] MoDaCo : Goochy1 Thank you very much for your time and any responses are welcome.
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