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  1. tymchn

    Epic Citadel

    Hi All, Just picked up a Hudl since Tesco has recently dropped the price and seem to keep giving me vouchers off electrical items. This will be replacing my Nook HD but the odd thing is the performance score in Epic Citadel. I know benchmarks aren't everything but I get roughly 38 fps no matter if I choose the performance or quality setting. Seems a bit odd to me since the 3DMark benchmark says the two devices are very closely matched. If anything the Hudl performs better. In comparison, the Nook HD averages 58 fps in the quality benchmark. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there some hard-coded limit? I do appreciate that I have the Nook HD on KitKat via CyanogenMod, but with the Helios rom on my Hudl, there shouldn't be any wasteful cruft to lower performance. Cheers
  2. Maybe we could make one. You know... like a group effort? Would be a great example to learn how to develop for Android for those of us who haven't yet.
  3. Any tips on removing the T-Mobile logo on the back? I have tried the usual nail polish remover but no joy :(
  4. I agree with everyone else, the response of r3 (I haven't flashed r3b) is a great improvement over the stock rom. I have also noticed a slightly different quirk with the contacts app. All my numbers are synchronised across from my Google account, but they all show up under Z. This means I can't scroll down the list by letter. I effectively have one long list... not a serious problem mind. Gallery app also is very pretty but I think we might be pushing the Pulse mini a bit hard. Perhaps the option of using the more basic/responsive version is worth considering? And I would just like to vote for my favourite Home app, Helix Launcher. I did check out the others but I keep coming back to it. So in summary an incredible rom, congratulations and please do keep up the good work! :(
  5. Will apps installed this way stay updated? I just wonder if I will have to check the website for new versions and manually update or will they become manageable through the Android Market? Just being lazy :(
  6. It's been over 48 hours for me and still no sign of a code... don't they work weekends?
  7. Just a shame it costs £200 if you pick one up instore.... quite a jump from the online price! For some reason it costs £30 pounds more and there is a mandatory £20 topup required on payg Can they really do that?
  8. Another satisfied customer here Ordered late last night and woke up to the code by email this morning, worked flawlessly
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