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  1. Thanks for sharing...this will be useful for those moments I need to kill time.
  2. Is this for Pocket PC? I mean it looks like it's not applicable for WM phones. Anyways I don't have any SIP dialer on my phone except for Fring. Works really well with my Onesuite VoIP service. Connection is good and quality is great too for a voip call on mobile.
  3. Really depends on your location. Are you in U.K.? I'm using Onesuite VoIP service and rates are competitive in the US. You can also use your Onesuite account as a prepaid phone card service. You can use Fring to use it on your mobile phone.
  4. Hi justpnai...welcome to Modaco. Too bad you never post again...I just realized that this thread was brought back after 3 years
  5. Remember you can download the dialer from spamalert.com :)
  6. Have you tried calling your providers support? Maybe they can ofer some help...or replacement?
  7. If soft reset doesn't solve the problem, try hard reset but make sure you back up your data first.
  8. Try hard reset. Maybe that will put back the sensitivity of your screen.
  9. Bumping...I also wants to know if theres a way to disable the volume key.
  10. I never used mine. Its still in the box...I never use any puch for that matter on any of my past mobile phones. I just put my phone on my left pocket all the time and keys or change on the other pocket.
  11. Excellent question! Now can anyone tell me the answer? Been awhile.
  12. Not sure why this thread has been revived by jrsReign but Fring is the easiest way to use VoIP on your HTC Touch phones. Just download and install Fring and set up your VoIP and voila! your all set to go. I've tried using Skype, Google Talk and Onesuite voip and it all works. I'm pretty sre most if not all SIP based voip will work too.
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