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  1. I've been watching my phone today to check when it syncs and I have never caught it displaying the arrows either, having said that I've not exactly been sat here watching my phone all day either. ;) I've been randomly checking the status in activesync to see when it last synced and from what i've seen it's syning 2 to 3 times an hour. I've not actually got any email when it syncs so it looks like the sync overhead takes a reasonable amount of gprs data transfer. Does anyone know why is it syncing anyway. Is this something that will happen when a connection has to be re-established for whatever reason?
  2. I first set up an account with mail2web because it was free and noticed i was using a lot of gprs data. Then having read somewhere about the server timing out connections which cause the device to reconnect I thought I'd try 4smartphone. With 4smartphone I definately use less data, but today i've used 372KB so far. I've only recieved 3 or 4 emails which were very small. My usage does suggest a lot more than 3 bytes is being transfered every couple of minites. I have no emails to download and i'm not syncing anything else such as contact etc. It does seem to be a lot worse during the day, i'm thinking when the servers are busy they might well time out the connection far more regularly which may be the cause of my problem. Vodafone charge me
  3. Well... i've just upgraded the ROM on my qtek 8310 to the AKU2 version in order to get push email. But it's not quite what i expected. People say push email is cheaper because you use less GPRS transfer as you don't poll the mail server, but in my experience this doesn't seem to be the case. Having succesfully upgraded and being happy with the results I though I should install a GPRS data monitor just to see how much my emails were costing me. To my suprise my phone constantly racks up GPRS data transfer. It seems to be at set intervals it transfers a bit more, just as if it's polling. If i go into the Com Manager and turn of direct push it stops. Can anyone explain. Could there be something else causing this or is push email a myth as it appears to be? I'd be interested in anyone elses thoughts. Cheers.. Ben.
  4. Thanks again for the extra info. Before i got hold of the new ROM i read a few posts about people not being able to register for the i-mate or qtek support web sites because only phones distributed by Brightpoint had an IMEI number that would work or something like that I went to qtekcorp.com and it said my IMEI number would be valid for the www.myqtek.com web site. Anyway, i actually went there to get the ROM update after registering on that site... sorry i think i may have given the wrong url earlier. I don't know if I was just lucky to have a phone distributed by Brightpoint or what. It looks like you can send users on here messages, if you have problems getting hold of the ROM then send me a message with your email address and I'll see if I can help out a bit more. Cheers,
  5. Fantastic.... You are a star ;) :P Internet working now. I am curious though... some other posts on the internet seem to imply you need things set up in the Dial-up and Proxy settings... Do you have anything there? I'd like to be sure i've got all the settings back to avoid going through this process again later on. And thanks again for the settings ;)
  6. Hi, thanks for the help. I've managed to collect most of the settings now, the problem is because i don't fully understand them all i'm not sure how to enter them into the phone. If you could list the settings as they appear on the phone screen that would be fantastic. So far I think I need the settings as they appear in the Dial-up, GPRS and Proxy sections within Settings, Connection. The upgrade was very easy in the end. Instructions can be found here . I got the ROM update by registering with qtek here here . You need to put in your IMEI number to access the ROM, but that seemed to be fine for me. The main reason for getting the update was for the full push email. The comm manager has been improved a lot, you also get Pocket MSN which i was disappointed not to get on the vodafone version. It also seems like the responsiveness of the menu navigation is better. I'm sure there are other enhancements / bug fixes that i'm not aware of yet. I would recommend upgrading if you save all the settings first ;)
  7. mmm... i seem to have found most of the settings now, i just don't fully understand them which means i'm not sure how to put them into the phone in such a way that it works! Idealy what I need is a description of the settings as they appear on the screen in Settings, Connection, Dial-Up and GPRS.... The ROM update was off the qtek site at www.qtekcorp.com . To get it you need to register with the site and enter your IMEI number. This didn't seem to be a problem for me. If you have any problems let me know. After that is was just a matter of following the instructions at Rom Updates Instructions Every seemed to go to plan. Like the instrcutions say, be patient, some steps take a little while. Particularly after the ROM update has succeeded and the phone reboots, but all seems to go to plan. Cheesr..
  8. Hi, I've just updated my vodafone v1240 / qtek 8310 to the new qtek AKU2 ROM... all went very well and i'm very happy with it, but I stupidly forgot to note down the GPRS settings before hand and now they're all lost ;) Can anyone help? I think i need the settings to put in under Settings, Connections on the smartphone. There is a section for GPRS which i obviously need and a section for Dial-Up which I'm not sure if i need. There is also a GPRS authentication section in settings which I don't know if it's correct. I've spoken to vodafone and they've given me the generic GPRS settings, but don't have info on how to enter them correctly on my phone even though they supplied it !!! If anyone else out there has a uk vodafone smartphone with WM5 i'd be very greatful for help on recreating the correct settings. I really only applied the new AKU2 rom update to get the push email, though obviously that's not going to work until i get my GPRS back. Thanks.... Ben.
  9. Well... the update of the ROM went without flaws. The first thing i did was to reset all the phones settings and then Application Unlocked it by editing the registry settings. After this I was able to copy the xml file without problems. The only snag was after I upgraded the ROM i realised i'd wiped all the GPRS settings so now I can't actually get onto the internet or test the new push email functionality which was pretty stupid of me ;) Can anyone let me know how to set this up again on the vodafone smartphone? I've spoken to vodafone and they can't give me exact instructions, they've given me the wap settings, but I'm obviously doing something wrong when inputing them. If anyone could let me know what's in their current working vodafone GPRS settings that would be fantastic. Cheers...
  10. Well, i'm going to put the new qtek AKU2 Rom update on the phone pretty soon, so i'm hoping that will illiminate the problem. I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. That's brilliant, just what i'm looking for. I'll try it as soon as I get home and have access to a spare phone just in case something goes wrong. I had been slowly gathering the same information but had a question regarding SPV-Services.exe. Will it work on any Qtek 8310 such as mine which was supplied by Vodafone, or is it only for orange supplied phones? I was a bit unsure about running it before i knew it wasn't orage specific. Thanks, Ben.
  12. I did try killing all other app, but no luck. Here's the file. Basically i took the vodafone home screen as a starting point and tried to alter it slightly. I wanted to get the most recently used icon list at the top. Cheers, Ben. custom.home.xml
  13. Hi, I've recently bought a qtek 8310 on a vodafone contract (they call it a v1240). I wanted to alter the home screen so after having read a couple of articles I made minor changes to the homescreen xml and tried to copy it back to the home directory on the phone. This produced the following error... Cannot copy : Acess is denied. Make sure your mobile device has sufficient memory, that the file is not set as read-only, and that you have permission to copy this file type. I tried changing the extension to .txt, this didn't make a difference, i tried creating a txt file with some text in and this copied fine. I also created a text file with normal text in and gave it an .xml extension which also copied fine. There seems to be something which is detecting the contents of the file and preventing me from copying it to the phone when it contains xml. It doesn't seem to matter what the location on the phone i try to copy to, i've even tried the storage card. Can anyone help? I'd really like to get a new home screen. I tried searching here for similar problems, appologies if I missed a solution that's already here. Thanks, Ben.
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