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  1. Hi Paul, First of all thank you very much for testing/trying out this device! Makes me think you did read my PM :D How are the keys? That's the main thing I'm interested in. The look cramped when I look at the pic, is typing messages easy? How's the scroll wheel functioning? I think it's great HP decided to implement a real scroller on the side. And the radio reception, I've read on another site that the radio is very strong on the HP, what are your findings? And I don't blame you for using the Diamond as your primary device, allthough typing on the screen is still... Will you also be reviewing the new Palm Treo 800w? (think it will be called the 850w in Europe), I'd love to see a comparison between the 2, esp the keyboards. I did try the Samsung i780, but those keys are just to small.
  2. ...looks out the window... You sure picked a nice day to come to Adam :D
  3. So after installing I'm missing one option. I would like to be able to start an executable (program) when selecting a profile. The option is available under time settings but I would like an option to start a program when I select a profile by hand. This would allow me for example to start a mediaplayer and set a quiet profile. Any chance of implementing this option?
  4. How's the battery time with the faster processor? Can you post a pic with the S710 and Wing side by side? (btw Paul, just noticed your last name, don't happen to be related to a Steve O'Brien?...then again, there probably ALOT of O'Briens ;) )
  5. Hi m8! Any word on the Beta? Hope things are working out
  6. Yes very good news. It's nice to know what you're up to. Look forward to the release! :wub:
  7. ^^ Good to see you're still around ;) Any word on how the new version is progressing? It may sound stupid, but I'm not even touching my HTC Vox (Smartphone) now. I'm using my trusty HTC P4350 (PocketPC). But I think your software will give me the needed functionality to switch phones :wub:
  8. Hey just found out on this great piece of software. Is it possible to create an option to start a certain program when switching to a certain profile? If not, I would like it to be a feature request :) It would be awesome to be able to switch manually to a "headset" profile (which lower the volume on the ringtones) and then also automaticly start Coreplayer.
  9. RSkillz

    Start Program & Switch Profile?

    I tried it, but it's wayyyy to bloated... Wish there was a smaller program.
  10. Hi, I've been searching the web for a utility/program that would allow me to select a phone profile AND start a program of choice. Now why would I like to have a small utility/program like this: I always listen to music when I'm traveling to work or anywhere for that matter and right now when I plugin my headphones and the profile stays on "Normal", I go DEAF when someone calls me or sends a text msg. PLUS when someone calls me on my HTC VOX the ringtone also sounds on the phone speaker! This is REALLY irritating I just know there must be other Smartphone users having the same problem. I've seen some homemade profile utilities on this forum like cellprofileswitcher so I know my request could be realized here, because there is alot of knowledge on this forum. So what exactly is the request: - Build a small app that connects/looks at the allready existing Smartphone phone profiles and allows me to specify a program to be run when that profile is selected. OR - Build a small app that detects insertion of the headphones and then switches automaticly to another profile. (I know a freeware app like this allready exists, but it doesn't work very well...(it's slow and get's stuck)) Thank you for at least looking at my request.
  11. Ok, I have the P4350 and the Vox. On my P4350 I use "Profiles for Windows Mobile" which allows me to "link" programs to the custom profiles I created. For example when I select the profile "headphones", it will also start Coreplayer. This is a VERY usefull feature because it allows me to set lower volume rintones and sms tones while wearing headphones. This is one feature I'm desperately missing on the Vox (Smartphones in general). Now when I start Coreplayer and I receive a call, I go nuts because the ringtone is way to loud while wearing headphones. So, is there a utility/program which allows me to start a program AND switch to a different profile for smartphones?
  12. Will this trick work on a smartphone like the S710 (Vox)?
  13. Sorry for the very late reply (havent been on this part of forum in a while), but it's holding up very well! I still prefer it as my no.1 device :)

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