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  1. Yep that was me, been on your site loads since I got my phone (best QVGA themes on the net) and started to work out how to do this stuff from your cool XML tutorial. I have started another homescreen now, going to try to get a few done to get a better understanding of it all, including themes!
  2. Hi there, I added a submission to the Homescreen catalogue (My Home Screen) and wondered if someone could tell me the process of this getting added into the downloads section? Does it go for a review to see if it is good enough, then get published or have I made a mistake someone along the lines. Thanks Tony.
  3. Hi there, I just uploaded this, but forgot to add a screen shot as I have never done a homescreen or uploaded one before: Thanks to w411y for a great tutorial on how to create the XML file, I dropped all the colours as the standard ones work great. (They should be blue right?) Hope someone can update this in the QVGA Sport downloads if it is accepted.
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  5. Tony - THFC Category: QVGA Sport File Version: 1.0.0 File License: General License Description: Spurs FC Home Screen Just got a c600 and I wanted a Spurs Backdrop for it. This is my first ever attempt at a theme. View File Submitted by anth0ny, on Apr 26 2006, 17:43

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