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  1. Okay I've been using for over a month and wanted to give an update. Still everything working well. Battery life etc no issues. I still have the magnetic sensor error in smart tools app but this has not affected navigation nor maps. My only gripe was the Internal SD car filled up too quickly with all the apps I wanted. So reading Brunos thread @ XDA I saw there was un update to both the ROM and a way to disable the Internal SD. I took the big step last night and it worked. You need to install SP Tools and you need drivers for the phone to 'scatter the internal memory' The new ROM from Bruno 3.1was installed with Aroma. A very neat system, I now have more internal memory and most apps can be moved to my external SD card. So in summary. A great phone, but If like me you have loads of apps you may have to disable the Internal SD card as it is too small. All details over at XDA.
  2. I've used both Co Pilot and Maps for navigation without issue. I still have not worked out what this magnetic sensor error is and if it is a false reading.
  3. I too spotted this error. I have the XDA Developer ROM. I have installed smart tools and can't use the compass. Not a big issue as it was never used on the old phone but may be needed for other apps. I checked the camera and it must have some sensor as I took a panoramic photo without issues.
  4. Mine arrived yesterday. It was rooted and had a ROM installed already. So playstore and all google apps were there. I also used Aliexpress but a different seller. So far it's great. I love the dual sim functionality. A big upgrade from my Blade 2.
  5. Mine arrived with two cases, Both cases had u970 on them, they fit perfectly.
  6. I have found details here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1856578 . In his ROM it states the phone is rooted.
  7. I found a link in XDA Forums to here http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1409152&d=1350493668
  8. Did you ever get any further on this. I too have an unlocked phone and wanted to root it. Looks like I'll have to go through the whole unlock root process again. ******* updated ******** Just throught about this again. CAn anyone confirm that if I install CWM and then put on a rom the phone is rooted?
  9. Thank you, your help resolved my issue. I have just heard from my mate who's got a working phone for me.
  10. This option gave a parital success. I had to use a mates android in USB tether mode as the work network blocked. He's offered to try this at home as the tool detected a newer version, yet it showed 129Mb download. See attached file. Shall I update or not? untitled.bmp
  11. Possible option. Right looking through the old Blade area I uncovered a tool for debricking, listed here I have managed to get the phone into download mode. The next step is a flasher. Here's a recap: Method 5: The dodgy ZTE firmware flasher This method can help if your blade cannot boot at all. Consider it a LAST RESORT - people do this all the time and only make their situation worse. Only use it if all the above methods fail or if your IMEI is corrupt. Your IMEI will be lost in the process and you will need to use hex editing to fix it up afterwards. This method also requires windows. Most of this is taken from burstlam’s thread here, which you can also refer to (burstlam has posted screenshots which also help to show what to do). Do the following in order: Boot into download mode and set up connection Download and install the ZTE USB driver. Put your phone in download mode by turning it on with both volume buttons held down at the same time. The screen will remain black, but the notification LED should briefly flash red. Plug it into your computer. The phone should be recognised in windows device manager under “Ports (COM & LPT)” as “ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface(DFU) (COMxx)”. Take note of the port number (xx). If your phone cannot turn on at all and the LED doesn’t flash, it is dead. Sorry about that. Now I need help. Who has the firmware I could flash here. Or should I steer clear? :unsure:
  12. All from the same machine. Also using other machines. My mates PC (XP) now installed the driver for ZTE. But still gets the same issue 'waiting for device' when trying to puch down clockwork mod. I'll try the ZTE tool you list.
  13. I have tried to get the phone into fast boot mode but unsure of the success. Possibly as I am unsure what the phone will show on the screen in fastboot mode, I'm guessing green man, but as that's all I normally see either way I'm unsure. So I have to assume fastboot is active, I have pressed vol(+) and power and also taken the battery out and pluged in each time the green man shown. Each attempt I do plug in the phone and run the command to fastboot a new image. But this sits with command waiting for device. I have however spotted that each time I plug in the device the XP machine now recognises an Android device. But the driver from this forum instals to C:\Program Files\ZTE Handset USB Driver, neither of these work. Windows states the driver was not installed. Device Manager shows the Android with yellow ?. I've tried to manually update driver but again this fails. So maybe I try a different driver. If my XP machine recognises the phone it can send the clockward image via fastboot. More help needed please. :unsure:
  14. Hi, thank you for the help. It's nice to see most think I haven't 'bricked' it. The advice here I attempted for hours last night. I am unable to get the fastboot command to run. It fails with 'device not found'. I will try again tonight. I tried on an XP machine that failed. Maybe a Win 7 will do better? Fingers crossed. :mellow:
  15. Thank you for the words of encouragement. :unsure: At the back of my mind I've accepted it's a gonner. If I could just force CWM on this then I'm good to go. That's the problem...how? Does anyone remember what the original boot screen was on the Vivacity. If there was a green man soemwhere there maybe I'll try the warranty option? :(
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