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  1. Me too - I selected 'Menu button on both sides also active when hidden' but seem to have also got the search bar. Could you take a look Paul when you have a second?
  2. Awesome work as always! I'm probably going to wipe before flashing this, but just wanted to double check something - do you see any problem with reflashing with the version that includes the UI mods in the next couple of days without another wipe (i.e. Jr8 --> Jr8 + mods without wipe)?
  3. Quick question Paul, do we need your MCK to be able to take advantage of USB host functionality, or is that available in the stock kernel? (Probably one of the best new functions of the GN for me is being able to review my GoPro footage while on the mountain - just plug in and play back the video...so awesome!)
  4. Hi Paul, Registered and emailed late last night - looking forward to cooking up a rom for my Galaxy Nexus!
  5. @qwer23 @paul Thanks - fixed the issue perfectly! @paul I'm also having this kernel issue - initially baked an update with MCK, then just now baked and updated HR7 with stock kernel, but after update it's still saying the kernel version is
  6. Hmm - just baked a version without the Email app but with Gmail (same as I had done for HR5), and having now applied the update the Gmail widgets have gone from the desktop, and aren't listed in the Add Widget section...anyone else had anything similar? Also, thanks for the awesome work Paul!
  7. I'm having the same problem with the function keys (which makes typing a bit tricky as you can't disable the trackpad!) Anyone else have this / found a solution? Currently running HR5 with the dock firmware updated post root/MCR ROM.
  8. Me too - I've had it sitting with the build.prop modified for about 12 hours now and still nothing... Also, did everyone who had success follow Paul's path all the way along (i.e. after adjusting the build.prop, hard reset, setup tablet and use market etc for a few hours, then restore nandroid)? Thanks!
  9. Hey Paul, Your link to the recovery boot app has an extra x in which is breaking the link - I'm assuming it was meant to be https://market.android.com/details?id=com.m...merrecoveryboot Thanks for the hard work on this - I'm simply stunned with the speed at which you manage to roll out these recoveries and ROMs these days!
  10. Looking forward to it! Btw, recently signed up for your Ad Free sub to get access to the kitchens...so worth it - being able to custom bake ROMs means that I've kinda stopped bothering with non-MoDaCo releases (running r21 Froyo on my Desire atm) Keep up the amazing work!! :D
  11. Two things I've noticed so far with my TMobile Desire: No voice search, and the apk from Paul's Desire-to-N1 Rom doesn't install No way of getting out of Sense. On the hero you could clear the defaults for HTC Sense, and the next time you hit the home button it would ask you which home to use...on the Desire it just restarts Sense... Anyone have any thoughts?
  12. This app is the future of mobile music. Even if Spotify doesn't end up making it, this will be the way everyone will listen to music on the go. Not sure yet if I can justify the £120 anual fee, but so far I'm loving it!
  13. Glad I could help. tmohammad - I'm not quite sure exactly what role the proxy plays in T-Mobile's network...it may be used by them to cache some content to save on their international bandwith, but that is a complete guess. It obviously isn't working properly with the Diamond/Touch Pro though if it restricts access to any secure site!
  14. I was having similar issues on my Touch Pro. For me, the problem was caused by being passed through T-Mobile UK's proxy server. To disable the use of their proxy server: 1. Navigate to Settings, and then open the Connections tab at the bottom. 2. Click on Connections 3. Under 'T-Mobile Internet' (or whatever your operator is), choose 'Set up my proxy server' 4. Clear the checkbox next to 'This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet', and then close the settings windows 5. Try opening an https site again Let me know if that resolved your issue!
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