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  1. Both Expansys and EasyDevices have this in stock now. I got mine from EasyDevices and am very happy with it. Just for the incredibly picky out there, it comes with the Victor back cover (with the funky line pattern on it), and is almost black as opposed to the T-Mobile version (which has a very dark champagne colour). http://www.easydevices.co.uk/pp/T-Mobile_A...FE_BATTERY.html http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=171125
  2. Currently have a HTC Victor (in the T-Mobile MDA Compact 4). I love the device but badly need an extended battery for it. Will replace it with the next device that beats the Compact 4 for form factor and features. Like the idea of the Touch HD but too big for my liking. Other kit: iRiver Clix2 4GB, Bang & Olufssen A8 headphones. Samsung Q45 Laptop Nikon D40 Camera .. and don't get me started about my AV kit... Want to change my MP3 player at some point - probably another iRiver, and plan to invest in the Sonos kit at some point in the very near future.
  3. Does anyone know if anyone else selling an extended battery kit for the HTC Victor/P3702 or MDA Compact IV. I never thought I would ever get along with a touch screen device but I am absolutely in love with my Compact IV (now that it has been debranded of the T-Mobile junk) - but the battery life leaves a lot to be desired. Somebody must already have an extended battery kit out there... I really don't want to wait until Expansys release theirs....
  4. Wow - bring it on I say, the current touch interface of WM6 is too stylus intensive and that's what I hate about it.
  5. Ooops, I didn't mean the Vox, I meant the Wings.
  6. I am genuinely stumped. I have had my i600 for a while now and definitely prefer smartphone form factor to the touchscreen pocket-pc for factor. So I am thinking to myself that I may get a HTC Wings next, the advantages being: 1) Better battery life 2) Best of both worlds - full QWERTY when I need it but a normal pad when I don't need full QWERTY. 3) GPS built in 4) Slightly better camera The disadvantages are: 1) Bulkier 2) No Scroll Wheel 3) £285 Assuming that I can get £160 for my Samsung, that pulls the price down to £125 for the Wings. What should I do? Is there something better coming round the corner? Besides the Erato, I don't see much from HTC. What about Windows Mobile 6.1? Should I be waiting for the official release before getting a new handset?
  7. Turns out the instructions are wrong - I bit the bullet eventually and decided to unplug the USB which didn't have any effect, in fact nothing did until I pulled out the battery. I restarted my phone to find out that the 'phone' section of the update was still showing the previous version number. You must install the modem driver in the GD1 package before you try to update - I think the instructions need to be updated accordingly. Nevertheless I am now running WM6 - and so far it's pretty cool, although a couple of interesting things have come up which I will post about later.
  8. Mine has been going for 20 minutes... what do I do now????
  9. I love my i600, I think it is the best Windows Mobile smartphone I have owned so far as far as handsets go. It is not perfect. I have to say that Samsung are lame as an organisation, far worse than HTC when it comes to support and straightforwardness. For a manufacturer which sits in the top 5 I would expect far better, and this is the last Samsung phone I will own as I don't believe they value my business. It is clear as day on the scandinavian sites that WM6 was supposed to be coming - Samsung shouldn't promise stuff they can't deliver. No need to hype up something if there is a chance you won't make it - but they obviously knew that saying the device was WM5 only and always will be would be a deal breaker for some of their customers.
  10. I am no proponent of the iPhone, but I must say that the areas where Windows Mobile is lacking (especially on the Pocket PC) is the UI. It has come leaps and bounds in recent years but still could do with a lot of simplification and 'cleaning up' before it is able to compete with the iPhone UI. TouchFlo is a step in the right direction, but Microsoft have to take on HTCs ideas and implement them accross the OS and not just in a glorified home screen as HTC has. The feature set of Windows Mobile is fantastic, and the devices are now very stable. Also the quality of the devices needs to get better - the materials on the iPhone make the average Windows Mobile handset looks like a childs toy - bring on the full Magnesium construction and sapphire crystal glass I say!
  11. Why did I think the T-Mobile Wing was a HTC Herald?
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