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  1. Hi, When trying to run the clockwork mod I just get 'waiting for device' and nothing else happens (see below)........have I missed something? E:\>fastboot-windows flash recovery recovery-clockwork- < waiting for device > NB I extracted the files to the root of my SD card showing up as the E drive on my laptop Also when i select Fastboot form the boatloader screen what is meant to happen? should i be able to view the folder structure once I have connected by USB? as nothing happens so have been rebooting the device...... Apologies but sure I've missed something here?!
  2. Just used this service as visiting Singapore and wanted to use my HTC Desire, had some problems initially but used the online support form the htccode website and they sorted it out straight away.
  3. I posted this on unclesomebody topic but thought I'd come here to get full coverage as currently stuck with Portugese software Followed all steps up until running i900DXHH1_PDA_updater_xp, whenever i press the 'Verify Device' button i get the 'Incorrect Software Version' notification. I have tried several reboots/resets, I have a connected ActivSync connection and not sure what to try next.... ....any suggestion grateful! Thanks, EDIT - Sorry i was a bit panicked, performed the incorrect version fix and it seems ok.
  4. A little concerned. Managed to flash to the portugese version but now whenever i try and run 'i900DXHH1_PDA_updater_xp.exe' it just gived the invalid software version pop up, i have tried sever al reboots/resets but no change :D I received it today and came with the XXHG5 software. Any thoughts? EDIT - found Paul incorrect version fix and sorted, sorry for wasting your time :D
  5. Hi all, Ordered my Omnia from Orange as an early upgrade through threat of disconnection today and its due to be delivered tomorrow :D It has been a tough call over the Diamond or Touch Pro but decided with the Omnia. There's the usual plethora of advise on here for software/ROMs which I am ready to fly with tomorrow but just wanted to know what accessories users can recommend ie screen protectors/cases? There's some stuff on ebay but a little hesitant as sometime build quality is no good. Thanks,
  6. Windows Mobile has an internet sharing app letting you do what you require, just set up an ActiveSync session and select Internet Sharing from Connection Menu (I assume its standard). Just beware on the limited access you get from your provide i.e. Orange 250MB/mth or Voda 15Mb/day
  7. The original ROM worked :D very relieved as though I had lost my Touch. Thanks for all your help.
  8. I think i need to flash an original ROM so downloading the Blue Touch ROM which will hopefully work!
  9. I had previously flashed to the Blue_Elves_v5_WM6.1 ROM.....I just tried to flash to this ROM again but as Activesync won't connect to the device not sure how to do it?? THe boatloader shows the USB connection. Thanks for your time Confucious
  10. Unfortunately it looks like i've bicked my phone :D I obviously was trying this too early on a sunday morning! After pressing the soft reset the device will not turn on or respond to the USB connection (no orange charge LED). I'm at a bit of a loss and not sure if this is recoverable before last resort of sending to get it fixed. I have searched around Modaco and XDA and haven't seen anything specific. Any thoughts? JT EDIT: Just realised how to hard reset my phone...at least it powers on but just to the Orange boot screen.
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