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    SPV C550 + 128 MB miniSD
  1. I've found out that there's a command in MortScript language that can rotate the screen! I'm going to work on a programme to turn the screen into each mode :) When it's finished, I'll post it here.
  2. Thanks very much for finding it, but unfortunately this app doesn't want to install on my C550 with WM2003... Do you know how to install ppc cabs not intended for smartphones?
  3. I'm using the Beta Macromedia Flash program with some use of MenuHack utility. It gives the ability to watch swf movies in lower quality and in full screen (but not in landscape mode). I'm still searching for the screen rotating software, but as far there are no results <_<
  4. I'm looking for an application which can be used to rotate the screen to the landscape mode. It will help while watching swf movies :rolleyes: Is there an app of this kind?
  5. Is there any way to change the function of the side button responsible for voice recorder to make it an on-off switch? My original switch has broken down and booting up the phone with "wires" is not very comfortable... Maybe some key remap woluld help or something like this?
  6. I have recently purchased a SPV C550 phone. It's great, but I saw a little problem with the joystick. When you hold it pressed in one of ways, it accelerates after a second. It very annoys me when playing some games, beause of the click sound. Sometimes the game slows down when I hold the joystick... :)
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