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  1. There is something wrong with their Mobile Wifi plans - why are the 24 months plans more expensive for 2GB of data than the 18 month plans? http://ee.co.uk/plan...obile-broadband and I wonder if all the plans have been based on AT&T and Verizon in the US who are known to being the most expensive you can find?
  2. Three is still part of MBNL with EE - so will be sharing EE's transmitter sites for 3G and most likely 4G from Sept/Oct 2013. (Three get the spare 1800mhz capacity from EE forced by the competition authorities). So EE and Three will be the competitors for iPhone 5 LTE customers - and O2/Voda will have the 800mhz and 2600mhz frequencies for LTE that newer devices will be able to use. Nobody in Europe will use the 700mhz that Verizon and AT&T are using in the US for LTE.
  3. flibblesan - agree it needs to be transparent. I don't mind if T-mobile want to use speed as their "user control" as most other networks have megabyte or gigabyte usage limits - but they need to be *documented*.
  4. flibblesan - T-mobile have always said 3G means 384kbps - which the rest of the world knows as 'strange marketing' !! See these threads: http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/discussions/index?page=forums&topic=80101801afda00f0133265bf264006f74 and http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/discussions/index?page=forums&topic=801019114689730134158c03af039a4
  5. Good article Paul, Mate bought SIM only contract (30 day min term) last May, moving from PAYG as given smartphone but I was dismayed to see speeds of 384kbps/384kbps. Last Sept I used a PAYG SIM to try the network and found great coverage, and speeds of 1980kbps/384kbps, so I bought a 12month SIM only contract. Found the speeds were 384kbps/384kbps - so complained and retentions managed to get me a £5/m add-on that gave me 1980kbps/384kbps (or "2meg" as they called it). Just around Christmas my mate found his speeds had increased to "1meg" (880kbps/384kbps) and mine were the same. Today (12th Feb 2012) we both find speeds of 3.7Mbps/440kbps in full signal areas, which seems to be a 4meg/512kbps type cap. So my extra £5/m is now not getting me anything for the money? (maybe tethering). The network is great, the coverage is great, what is needed is transparency on what is being provided.
  6. It seems Amazon.com is now blocking access to the Amazon App Store from the UK, I'm getting the same message as I did in Nov trying to view video. Guy in Australia on XDA saying the same. Nope - it seems you need to use an AMEX test credit card number in your amazon.com account, and set it for 1 click. Phew :)
  7. His U8800 should be waiting for him tomorrow to return from his trip :)
  8. I'm getting the same, first 10 tries or so I got a 400k file. Now getting a 7.9mb file, but the MD5 doesn't match. WTF?
  9. I have a UK friend living over there who took his SF with him (unlocked). He uses it on T-mobile US pay as you do, which works fine 1900mhz 2G. The 3G on T-mobile is 1700mhz and not supported. AT&T is also 1900mhz 2G, but also 1900mhz for 3G, which the SF doesn't support either. They both have EDGE which gives around 200kbps on 2G, and my mate mostly uses WiFi. He is quite happy. The lack of 850mhz does not affect coverage where he is (colorado). Where in the US would you be?? The 850mhz is needed in congested areas and in the southern areas (NM, TX, south AZ etc). Enjoy the US - the UK could learn a lot (local democracy, voting chief of police etc); but also the US could learn more from the UK - swings and roundabouts. Generally the weather is more predictable for the month than here!!
  10. Still waiting for mine; ordered last Sat. :-( Perhaps you should PM paul?
  11. Let us know how you get on - I've got quite used to the gingerbread theme on my Blade, and would be nice to keep it on the U8800.
  12. Ordered, to upgrade from an OSF/Blade.... should be cool..
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