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  1. What is the i607 clocked at? I'm guessing its a lot slower then 400...?
  2. Its been a little while since this thread was last updated. News of these are starting to slowly crawl across the web. Any new info available?I'm interested in the blue guy...
  3. As per the topic title, how would you input your messages and such in agile messenger or any other im client if your device doesnt have a numerical or letter keys? One device im looking at doesnt have a keypad. Can you pull up a virtual keyboard of sorts that will interact with the messaging client running in the background?
  4. I dont know if this is a problem with the phone or the headset. I have an 8310 and use a Bluespoon ax2 headset. Sometimes while the headset is connected and the icon is lit up on the screen showing that its connected, the headset wont work on an incoming call. When I press a button on the phone to answer, the call instead of going to the headset, goes to the phone. I tried using the answer-end button on the headset, but it doesn't work. The only thing its good for it initiating voice dial, NOTHNING else. On my previous phone, an se k750i, that button would call-end phone calls. any ideas?
  5. I have a qtek 8310 with imate firmware (rom v: Whats the difference from that v to the new one?
  6. Is there a way, that I can keep track of all new topics I create, and that they show up in "My Modaco" under sub catagory "subscriptions"? See I may make a new topic, and then forget about it. I click on subscribed topics and nothing shows up. The only way then to find them is to do a search by my user name, but thats a hassle.
  7. I own a Qtek 8310 and love it. However I do like the smaller size of the c600 and was wondering: The Joystick on the 8310 is great for gaming. Well at least its a HUGE step up from my previous smartphone, an audiovox smt5600. Thing is, I like the smaller size of the c600. Its actually almost the same as the 5600 but more up 2 date. So if anyone here had the oppertunity to use both, what would you think would be better for gaming on? The navi-joystick looks harder to use on the c600 since the immediate surrounding keys are very close to it, where on the 8310 there further away.
  8. Does anyone know what the .dsm, .rgu, .mui, .htm files are? I know an htm is a html document, but it doesnt seem to be one on my phone. Most of these files have almost the same exact string of names except on character off. theres a LOT of them and i want to clear up some memory on my device. Are these safe to remove?
  9. Does anyone know if or when these apps are going to be upgraded for windows mobile 5.0?
  10. About the wireless manager. What is the #4 & #5 for, they are never lit up on mine.
  11. Actually one of the downloads in question was a homescreen designed by you... odd.
  12. Sorry for the short description but I was typing that on my phone while at work. I get this message on firefox and internet explorer. This is the message I get: IPB WARNING [2] main(/home/modaco/modaco.com/m3/sources/action_public/D2mods/DlSys/downloads.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory (Line: 538 of /index.php)
  13. I recieve an error message when trying to dl attachments. I use firefox on both my mac and windows computer. I get the same message on my 8310 using ie. Any ideas? I can expand on this later when i get home. I am posting this from my qtek.
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