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  1. Wow. I signed up, posted to the cingular forum and a gsrm forum. I can't believe there were only 5 people besides me.
  2. I think the best hack is the one that lets you use all Window Mobile 5 PPC apps with absolutely no usability or performance hit.
  3. I don't have the staples number and in fact I couldn't find it on the staples website. It's this though: http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...uct_code=337982
  4. Thanks for checking typhool. I've read that the radioshack one works. I ended up buying one from staples that's designed for the ipaq. $10, but comes with a crap pair of earbuds ;). It works, so I'm happy!
  5. Here's my question, and I'm sure it's not specific to the 2125, but I did search the forums for an answer first. I bought this adapter from ebay to use to connect my noise cancelling headphones to my phone. Problem is they're playing the sound from the right channel in both speakers. I don't know if the seller was lying and these aren't really stereo, because I don't have another device to test them on. However, in reading some posts on this and other boards it seems that I need to get a certain kind of adapter. Can someone who uses the 2125 to play music on regular headphones download the attached sample and play it on their phone. If you hear the drums go from left to right, your adapter works, and I want to know where you got it! Hopefully I can get one the works in stereo for under $10. Your help is greatly appreciated! 06_front_242_headhunter_radial.mp3
  6. I got it to work. I got my hands on the installed AgileMessenger directory. The problem was I misread someone's instructions and decompressed all the files to one directory, whereas the program is looking for subdirectories. Of course I had to use the backspace button to correct a typo in my MSN account information so I got kicked out immediately and haven't had time to mess with it again. Thanks everyone for helping out a smartphone noob! I really love this device and hope there'll be more progs out there for it.
  7. I tried it, tried recompressing with the setup file you created, didn't work black screen on application start. Thanks for trying to help.
  8. I tried with the alpha .cab, extracted and created a new .cab with the following files on it: 00000p2t.022 00000red.046 00000red.047 0000blue.024 0000blue.025 0000gray.040 0000gray.041 000green.042 000green.043 00purple.044 00purple.045 00splash.006 00splash.016 00yellow.050 00yellow.051 0buttons.038 0buttons.039 0smileys.048 0smileys.049 ADD_CO~1.004 ADD_GR~1.003 am_setup.002 am_setup.999 AM_WAT~1.052 BACKGR~2.005 CHAT_I~1.026 CHAT_I~1.027 CONNEC~1.007 CONNEC~1.030 CONNEC~1.031 CONTAC~1.008 CONTAC~1.032 CONTAC~1.033 CON_IN~1.028 CON_IN~1.029 darkblue.034 darkblue.035 DOWNLO~1.009 FILE_B~1.010 FILE_I~1.036 FILE_I~1.037 GENERI~1.020 IMAGE_~1.011 list.txt list2.txt MESSEN~1.000 MESSEN~1.001 NEW_ME~1.023 OPTION~1.012 PREFER~1.013 REGIST~1.014 SELECT~1.015 tab_back.018 TAB_BU~1.017 TAB_FR~1.019 TRAFFI~1.021 _setup.xml When I tried to install this on my 2125 it said I couldn't install, no matter where I tried to put it (Device or Storage Card). Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Ok I'm a noob, but I'm just wondering how I get the .cab out of the original .exe from agile's site?
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