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  1. I'm having some problems with my O2 Graphite. I found a shop which still sells this old model. But I heard that the battery starts to deteriorate from the date of manufacture and not the date of first use. Is this true ? If so, does that mean that even though the phone is new, the battery won't be able to last as long as I have bought my first Graphite 1-2 year back ? How serious would this problem be ? Would it die on me in 1 year or so ? Thanks.
  2. What's the model of this phone ? When I search HP Ipaq Voice Messanger, I get all a older models as well. I don't seem to be able to search for this new model.
  3. I'm currently using O2 Graphite. I like it cause it small and no touchscreen. I can get a case that completely wraps it and protect it. And it serves all my needs. I don't need touchscreen, slide, clampshell, keyboard. But it seems like there are not more such phones ? Anyone knows if there are any plans by any vendor to produce such phones ? Thanks.
  4. My O2 Graphite is about 1.5 year old. Lately, I notice that the vibration is getting weaker. What are the possible reasons for this ? Can I solve it myself without going to the service centre ? Thanks.
  5. My phone comes with Voice Commander BUT I don't use voice dialing at all. SOmetimes, I accidentally press the button which activates voice dialing. It take a while for the software to load and then I have to wait for it to timeout. Is it possible to disable voice dialing ? Thanks.
  6. I play MP3 when I'm out in the malls but the ambient noise varies from place to place. So I wonder if there are any utilities that can adjust the volume base on the ambient noise ? Thanks !
  7. I wonder if there are any utilities that can be use to lock the keypad just like the built in keypad lock except that it does not lock the volume buttons. My previous Smartphone does not lock the volume button but my current O2 Graphite does. Thanks.
  8. I think the problem is that I'm not able to pair as Hands Free. I can only pair as Wireless Stereo. Anyone has similar problem ? Thanks.
  9. I have a bluetooth earpiece with A2DP and AVRCP. When I listen to music, I found that I can't fast forward or rewind (though I can stop/start/pause and skip forward/backward). Also, when the call comes in, I can't use the mic in the earpiece. Instead, the mic on the phone itself is still active and I can speak through it. Any idea what's the problem ? Thanks !
  10. Is it possible to start or stop bluetooth using scripts ? THanks !
  11. Install any software recently ? I stopped using O2 Menu as it clashed with one of my software and cause the phone to hang.
  12. Hi ! Been searching for this. How do I pass a parameter to Mortscript and how do I retrieve the parameter within the script ? I'm using 4.1. Thanks very much
  13. What are your needs ? If you can elaborate, may be we can share with you our experience in those areas. Reason why I got the O2 Graphite is that it's a candy bar smartphone with the regular mobile keypad (not the qwerty keypad).
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