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  1. thanks everyone. think (hope) I was just unlucky with the memory I had. Loving the phone ;)
  2. Are you able to use 2GB memory OK in an 8300 (or any of it's variants)? I have a 8300 and have tried 2 Sandisk 2GB cards in it and had nothing but problems. One card I know is duff as it doesn't work in a card reader either (unable to format). The other card though appears to be working in the phone - shows up in the system info, can view files in file manager - but opening any of the files on the card causes the phone to hang the application trying to use it. For example, I put a couple of albums of MP3s on which I could browse but then opening any of them causes WMP to hang. Similarly, I put some photos on the card and could view a couple but then the same thing happened - hangs and have to reboot. I hope it is just the memory cards as one of the reasons I bought the phone was to use as a music player. I'm getting a refund on them but am curious to know if others are using 2GB cards successfully, and if so, what make? Cheers, Andy
  3. Thank you for the responses but I need someone with this phone and on Vodafone to help me. I have MMS enabled on my account (it's working on another handset I own). I just can't get the right settings on the 8300. Would be grateful if anyone can help please.
  4. OK, I have tried everything and I still can't get MMS to work on my 8300 with Vodafone. I have got all the settings but something is still wrong. I've looked all over the net, various forums and still nothing. If anyone can give me the definitive settings then I would be very very grateful and you will spare my sanity! I have the following MMSC settings: MMSC URL : http://mms.vodafone.co.uk/servlets/mms/ WAP Gateway : Port : 8799 Connect via : The Internet Max sending size : 250k WAP version : 1.2 Under Connections > GPRS the following: Connects to : The Internet Access Point : internet User Name : web Password : web Primary DNS : blank Secondary DNS : blank IP address : blank The GPRS connection works great for internet - just not MMS! I really don't know what else to try hence putting this post on. Please please can someone help me?!!!
  5. Thanks for the replies. I will have a hunt around for the update link. Regarding the memory card, I hardly put anything on it and it wouldn't work - 1 album worth of MP3s! Have arranged to send it back to the person who sold it to me (ebay......). Are you using a 2GB card?
  6. Hello everyone. Fantastic site - taking the headache out of setting up my 8300! Does anyone know if this ROM update will work for the 8300 as well? Been having a few problems (mainly WMP and memory) and wonder if this might sort it. I have a 2GB memory card and whenever I try and play mp3s it crashes! Not good for a music phone ;)
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