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  1. i think what he mean is that is it possible to make the phane as a infrared port for PC. I'm also want my SPV to have such functiosn too so that no need to buy USB infrared port.
  2. Yehey it works with Smart!!!! many thanks
  3. wah! naku is there anyway I can disable it?
  4. question po nag register ako sa addict mail . tapos nag nonotify sya tru text are we being charged for that? tnx
  5. I've searched the threads for similar topics but no posts. Tried using torch e parang ala nman nangyayari. is there a way to reduce un brightness? kase minsan parang nasisilaw ako sa liwanag ng backlight nya. thanks po ng marami. :roll:
  6. install ako ng 3.7.1 sa win 2k ko hinde ako maka pag explore ng phone. So nag revert ako sa old Activesync
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