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  1. I can also confirm that TomTom 5 works in both landscape and portrait. Can also tell you that after using TomTom on my Universal, from an almost full battery it guided me for ~3 hrs 15 mins before being more or less exhausted (without receiving any calls in the duration). On the return leg I of course plugged it in to the car charger. :)
  2. You need to ensure wi-fi is both enabled on your Universal AND it has established a connection to your wireless network BEFORE attempting to connect to your desktop. If this is already the case then apologies but I'm stumped too!
  3. One other tip is that XP SP2 doesn't allow concurrent users to be actively logged in (so if your girlfriend/wife is using her login and you attempt to connect remotely it will boot her to the Welcome screen!), but you can solve this by following the instructions at:- http://sig9.com/articles/concurrent-remote...nts_per_page=50
  4. If you want to connect to your desktop remotely via Terminal Services and are using XP you must have Professional edition, since as mentioned above Home edition does not have the functionality. This is how to set it up on your XP Pro desktop:- 1. Go to Start Menu, right-click My Computer and select Properties, select the Remote tab, make sure the Remote DESKTOP check-box is ticked. 2. I believe any XP profiles with Admin rights will be able to be logged in remotely, SO LONG AS YOU HAVE ASSIGNED AN ACCOUNT PASSWORD! 3. Next you need to find your internet IP address. Go to www.whatismyip.com to find this easily. If you've got a dynamic (non-static) IP address you can use a service such as DynDNS to track it (www.dyndns.com) which is free. 4. One other thing you will need to do if you connect to the internet through a router is set the Terminal Services port (3389) to forward to your desktop's local IP address (eg. 192.168.0.x). 5. Now all you need to do is fire up the Terminal Services Client on your Universal and enter your internet IP address! Note that if you want to try this out locally (say by connecting to your desktop from your Universal using your wireless network) you need to enter the desktop's local IP address, rather than the internet IP. Enjoy! ;)
  5. Yes sorry - as amo said I meant firmware v2.01 or higher from which there's currently no way to launch homebrew apps so it'd be goodbye to my SNES & Megadrive emulators to name but two.. :D
  6. Good idea, however I'd have to pay £60 excess and strongly suspect that if they replaced it I'd end up with a FW 2.01+ which would mean bye-bye homebrew.. ;)
  7. Well it's happened - despite using both a screen protector and hard case with my PSP it is now sporting a nice crack across most of the length of the screen. :cry: Was at a friends house with it and had left it on the sofa. Went to put it away when I fumbled picking it up and it slipped off the front of the sofa and fell a foot onto the wooden floor. Since there was not a mark on it I picked it up and though "phew that was stupid" then turned it on to discover the ruined screen..... :shock: After a bit of research it seems I can source a new replacement Sharp LCD screen for as little as £30 from HK or £40 from the UK, but despite having found some instructions on the web as to how to remove the screen, it doesn't look like the easiest task. Alternatively I could pay to have the whole thing done by someone else for ~£70. Either way it will void my remaining warranty (~9 months) since one of the case screws is under the PSP Void warranty sticker that is at the lower side of the battery compartment. Since it is actually still eminently playable (actually had a still fully enjoyable session of Burnout the same night I returned from my mate's with the cracked screen) I'm actually tempted just to keep it as is, since I'm both currently broke and scared of bodging it! What amazes me is how easily the screen broke - as I said it only dropped a foot onto wood and there isn't a mark on the casing! Let this be a warning to you all!!
  8. I'm still finding my Xda Exec exciting - have just discovered the uses of the Terminal Services Client and also borrowed my bro's bluetooth GPS receiver and gave it a spin as a sat-nav in the car - brilliant! ;) What's not so exciting are all the marks on the casing surrounding the screen from it's contact with the keypad when closed, and also the ongoing worry of whether the hinge is getting looser with use.. :| Still at the end of the day I did also buy mine for it's functionality which is pretty good overall - if only the built-in calendar and Active(un)sync weren't so shoddy!
  9. Skip the IMEI check with this link:- http://www.my-xda.com/xdaexec_soft3.html
  10. 18 month contract isn't for me. Was gonna switch to Orange and get an M5000 til O2 offered me a tenner off any tariff per month to stick around with an Xda Exec 8)
  11. Not with the O2 Exec (and no memory card either) :evil:
  12. Yep, I got the Boxwave ClearTouch Anti-Glare (as I used on my previous Treo 600 and SE P910i and also currently on my PSP) and as you may guess highly recommend them!
  13. Peter Jackson isn't directing it, he's simply being named as one of it's executive producers, mainly for marketing purposes. It's a shrewd move by Micro$oft... See at http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/10/05/peter_jackson_halo/
  14. Think they are referring to the phone pad method of entering text - allows you to use T9 predictive text. It's an alternative to the virtual keyboard..
  15. It's all odds and sods at the end of the day - I can barely get an Orange signal where I live to even make voice calls! And no I don't live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, I'm only about 18 miles south of central London in suburbia!
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