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  1. RickP in AZ

    anyone with a sda please?

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\HTC\AUDIOGAIN CODEC_GAIN_HEADSET = A5 HEADSET_UPLINK_VOLUME = 13 Those are the values I have on my Qtek 8310 which is quite similar. But I don't know for a fact that they are the same. Use at your own risk... I hope this helps.
  2. RickP in AZ

    Activ Sync 4.2 and Calender

    EDIT: Nevermind, my issue was totally unrelated. (Original Post Deleted.)
  3. RickP in AZ

    Syncing Thunderbird with WM5?

    Could this be it? FinchSync I only tried it momentarily as a way to be able to sync with data on my Powerbook. It worked... kinda' But I ditched it before ironing out the kinks. IIRC I think it would be better to start with no PIM data on the phone and then allow it to sync over all of you data from Thunderbird, Sunbird, et. al. (I used the "Lightning" extension.) I haven't decided against using it, I may go back to it but for now I'm sticking with using Mail2Web (Exchange) coupled with syncing to a secondary WinXP box I have. If you do try FinchSync note the workaround for using Sunbird 0.3 data (or Lightning as it uses the same format.) Note also that this works via TCP/IP so it is great if your phone has built-in WiFi but not so great if you will have to use your phone's data plan. Given all this mess for not wanting to use Outlook does anyone wonder why I'm deperate for a Google Calendar syncing solution even better if it included Contacts. I tried l-dopa but after slogging through the virtually non-existent docs I ended up with duplicate appointments which were 7 hours ahead. Needless to say my search continues.
  4. RickP in AZ

    Need Default *.txt file associaton

    Now comes the funny part... I just remembered that I *did* have a resitry back! Of course I recalled it after you gave me the first part of the answer. I decided to fix it manually through your answers as a way to punish myself for screwing things up. Plus with the answer up here now maybe it can help someone else too. Thanks again... Now I'm off to fiddle around with FinchSync to see if I can get it running on my Powerbook and syncing with Thunderbird. (Fortunately I have a home file/media server running WinXP which has Outlook and ActiveSync on it.) Yes, I have a little too much free time on my hands.
  5. RickP in AZ

    Need Default *.txt file associaton

    That would be it. Thanks a ton for helping fix what didn't need to be broken by me.
  6. RickP in AZ

    Need Default *.txt file associaton

    Super Sweeet! Worked great. File association had the value as "\Windows\iexplore.exe" %1 including the quotes. Thanks a ton for helping me fix my moment of idiocy. One last question to clean it up, what is the default value for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\txtfile\DefaultIcon\Default ? Just so that I can get the normal icon back.
  7. I use Bluetooth to transfer various plain text files from my Powerbook to my Qtek 8310. By default, *.txt files open in Pocket IE for viewing. I tried to be all geeky and set the association through File Manager to Vieka's "WordPad" text editor, but afterwards it would only open a blank document and not the appropriate file. So I reset it to associate with "iexplore.exe" but now it opens a blank page in PIE, with the proper file path as the page title... but it is stuck in a loop. Any attempt to leave PIE for instance pressing the "Home" button flashes Home and then returns to PIE. Soft reset is the only way to gain access again. (The files are still intact as I can properly open them using the editor function in "Total Commander CE.") Does anyone know what the default file association is for TXT? Is there a registry key I can change? Help me... I don't really want to do a "hard reset" and have to rebuild all of my phone setup from scratch. QTek 8310, OS 5.10 (Build 195), all "unlock" registry edits have been applied long ago. Thanks in advance...
  8. RickP in AZ


    My experience is the same as greasyp's, 12" 1Ghz Powerbook, 768MB RAM. I have not been able to get WM5Storage to work either under OS X 10.3.9 nor 10.4.6. Works wonderfully under WinXP SP2 on my PCs though. I must say that I would love it if WM5Storage were able to work under OS X. Unfortunately I have absolutely no programming knowledge so I can be of virtually no help.
  9. Using the ROM update that jakobdam recommended: Qtek 8310 (in USA, purchased from Mad Monkey Boy. Note that I didn't have to change the CID) Settings>About OS: 5.1.195 (Build 1487.2.0.0) Radio: 413.1.04_02.09.00 RIL: 2.002 Settings>System Information ROM: Operator: 2.5.312.1 Radio: 413.1.04_02.09.00 I'll admit to being quite nervous during the updating of the ROM as my wife would have been really mad if I had "bricked" my 2 week old phone, but it all went smooth as glass. From i.expansys.com I found a ROM Update Uitility for the 8310 which is "World Wide English" and had the same ROM number as my previous ROM. I wonder if this could be used to "downgrade" the ROM if needed? (I won't as I am very happy with the improvements in the new ROM.) That's all from the n00b.
  10. In case you are still in search of a solution, I recently purchased my Qtek 8310 from Mad Monkey Boy and just successfully applied the ROM update. I didn't have to change the CID or anything. Since it is not allowed to directly link to ROM update I can give you the file name I used: to_dan_eur_2090_253121_020900_ship.exe I don't know whether this is the lastest and greatest, and I've only just completed it 10 minutes ago so now am in the process of reinstalling apps, etc. but so far it seems to have worked. New Comm Manager, changes to the default Home screen, defaults to English language, etc. System Info now shows: ROM version: OPERATOR version: 2.5.312.1 Good Luck

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