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  1. The devs over at XDA are already hard at work here
  2. I don't know. Paul wrote it so maybe PM him. My guess is that once the 2.3 update comes out (supposed to be within the next 3 months) then Paul will re-look at it.
  3. Go into settings, then about phone then software. If the software number is anything higher than 1.35 then Visionary wont work.
  4. Which software version are you on? Visonary does not work on anything higher than 1.35
  5. SirGaz

    OTA Update

    I got all this from XDA on this link here
  6. SirGaz

    OTA Update

    Today I got the notification to update my DHD to 1.84. It's a 47Mb file and introduces a couple of improvements (camera, battery, better colours) Apparently this is for T-Mobile UK users, with Vodaphone to follow shortly, but unbranded phones will not get an update but will instead go straight to Gingerbread (no idea whether this is true or not) Androiid Version 2.2.1 Baseband Version 12.28g.60.140fU_26.05.05.27_M3 Kernel Version [email protected] # 1 Fri Jan 28 00:16:54 CST 2011 Build Number CL334589 release keys Software Number Browser Version Webkit 3.1
  7. Just want to add to my comment a little while ago about Paul giving up on Visionary. That wasn't really what I meant, what I meant was that he had a new shiny toy that was taking his time (vega) and that also since the last update (1.72) from HTC was pulled, the correct current version was 1.32 so I guess there was no need to update Visionary. I didn't mean that he didn't want anything to do with us DHD users any more. However... 1.84 is now out so hopefully Paul will have a crack at updating Visionary to root the DHD on 1.84 :D So come on Paul, work your magic cos I need to root my DHD (wouldn't have upgraded to 1.72 if I'd had known about the lack of rooting
  8. I wouldn't worry too much, 1.84 is now out for T-Mobile UK users, Vodaphone to follow shortly. Unbranded phones though will not get the update. I've got it installing on my phone as I type. It's supposed to make a few battery improvements, the colours are more vibrant, tweaks to the camera and a few other small changes
  9. Paul has gone. If you look at his post history then they are mostly in the Vega forum. I guess he's given up on the DHD now
  10. No update on web orders but people are reporting T-Mobile sending out the Desire HD for people phoning up. So they have started selling
  11. Pushing the file across with adb didn't seem to work, but reflashing the rom did. Thanks guys
  12. OK, I have adb working but I can't get the facebook for sense to install. If I try to push to /system/app then I get a failed to copy, read only file system error message. If I try to install then I get a failure as well. Any ideas anyone?
  13. I've never done it yet, but I'm sure I can find out how, and if not then there is always the helpful bunch on Modaco (like yourself Dr Dre)
  14. I've downloaded the file (thanks). How do I push it to system/app?
  15. Being a complete numpty, I've managed to delete the Facebook for Sense (I think, could have been called Facebook for HTC) application. I've now figured out that this is responsible for the integration of Facebook details to the contacts. Does anyone know how I can get it back? It was removed with Titanium backup
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