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  1. Are you guys serious? I've tried formatting it fat16 fat32 and ntfs a lonnnggg time ago. And used that panasonic SD formatter. i even tried to make 2 1gb partitions. none of them work. are you positive you can write to the card on the phone when it is 1gb full? try saving a picture to your card when it is half full. this method has been discussed before and it's been proven to not work.
  2. samsung compatible 2.5mm headphones also have 3 rings, so becareful. you will also get sound from only 1 ear. you need to find the ones compatable with the mpx220. if i remember correctly it is the same connector with the treo 650.
  3. can your phone read the whole 2gb? the phone can only read the first GB from what i have experienced and heard. there should be no problem getting a 2gb to function on a mpx220, but being only able to read/write on only the first 1gb defeats the purpose of a 2gb+ minisd card.
  4. USD$100 to who ever can get a 2gb minisd card to fully fuction on an MPx220. $200 for a 4gb minisd. doesn't matter how you get it to work. you can hack the ROM, the registry, or the hardware. you can even swap out parts from other phones or sources. doesn't matter what you do, as long as a 2gb or higher memory card fully works on a mpx220.
  5. sometimes it wont work. if you try it on another computer or reinstall windows, it'll work perfect. there's too many possiblilities to be sure of what's causing the problem. if using windows, a quick way to test is to make another account in windows and trying it there.
  6. wow, even marvel vs capcom works! does gigawing work for anyone? mine freezes right before gameplay. (the farthest i can go is picking my aircraft)
  7. ok, it works now. just out of the blue, tested it and it worked! also, once in a while, i can create cache files of cps2 games in the phone, but i will usually get a not enough memory error. THIS IS REALLY COOL STUFF! i can't beleive that game play is so much faster than the snes emus and even street fighter alpha 3 even works! that's a psx game right there. (although it's a bit laggy, still playable, great for showing off, haha) Thank you so much masterall!
  8. also, can fbaud make cache files of cps2 games? it doesn't seem to create those files for me. it lookes like it only works for neogeo games.
  9. hi, has anyone been able to get this to work with a mpx220? i get a "driver initiate error. there may be not enough memory." even after i created a cache file on the desktop version and transfered it to my phone's minisd card. i have about 100mb free space on the card and about 20mb free on the phone itself.
  10. hi, does anyone have suggestions or tips on setting up their equalizer for their smart phone so it sounds betting on the speaker? I've been trying to set it up myself but i just can't seem to get it right. can anyone use the preamp increase successfully? does anyone use volume normalization? please also share your own settings from your phone. 60hz 170hz 310hz 600hz 1khz 3khz 6khz 12khz 14khz 16khz
  11. has anyone tried to use the app "swelldisk"? i know it won't solve the problem but it could help.
  12. i just got my 2gb mini-sd card, installed it without format and it works fine. shows up as 1899mb.
  13. just wondering if we should use Prime 95 to check the ram and see if it's stable at that speed. just a suggestion.
  14. well, i read a few posts that when their phone goes on 'display time out' their clock speed resets to default. i can't find any post in modaco right now, but they say it at this web site. http://www.gpcarreon.com/?p=273 "5. Open Settings > Power Management then choose
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