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  1. There appear to be a few issues synching to OSX Leopard with MissingSync. There is a beta version available for testing together with an associated forum for bug reporting. http://forums.markspace.com/viewforum.php?f=17 I am able to sync iCal and iTunes Playlist via USB but get an error every time I try Contacts.
  2. There they are! Thanks for your reply. Andy
  3. After what was a flawless ROM update to WM6 on my HTC Hermes I have just noticed that Pocket Word and Excel are no longer in the Programs menu - is this correct and has anyone else had the same happen and is there a fix? All help appreciated. Andy
  4. You need to hop over to the HTC Kaiser Forum page and post the question.
  5. Thanks for the tip - works a treat. Andy
  6. Similar experience - Prior to updating my ROM to WM6 and TomTom 6.03 the Tom Tom screen always returned once a call was connected and that was very useful. However, now the TomTom screen is not available again until several seconds after the call has ended. Has anyone come up with a fix? Andy
  7. Yes, V4 of the Markspace software is top notch and well worth the money. Andy
  8. Like you, I have also abandoned the Microsoft Beige box and joined the Mac Brigade. I was fed up with waitng for the kettle to boil - sorry, waiting for Windows to get to a usable state and all the patches and updates etc etc. Now I have a machine that not only starts up and is ready to use in 20 seconds but also 'just works' and looks real handsome. And, I have the option of booting into Win XP via Boot Camp, should I need it. About the only reason I will have to use XP is for installing apps or ROM upgrades for my HTC Tytn. I have also been using The Missing Sync for about 5 months with no issues at all - even syncs my Tytn iTunes playlist!
  9. It is going to be a bit of a brick at 350gms!
  10. For those who are interested Brando have released their excellent portable Music Dock - full details at http://shop.brando.com.hk/htctytnmusicdock.php
  11. With only a 200MHz processor isn't this going to be a tad under powered visa vie the iMate K-Jam? Andy
  12. Dear Swampcat - thanks for all your excellent work! The vista skin is awsome. Can I ask one thing - I use a black backgound but when my bluetooth headset connects to the phone it displys its symbol of headphones in - you have guessed it - BLACK, so it is invisible. Is there a reg edit to change that to white. Andy
  13. ARH

    SPV M3100 and car kits

    Carcomm do a car holder that incorporates a cradle (screen or vent mounts included) with built in charger and a 5 volt out to power your bluetooth GPS unit. They offer a choice of connector for the GPS unit. Available from www.gpsforless.co.uk Andy
  14. ARH

    GPS Receiver

    I have successfully used the BT77 with TomTom on both the Wizard and the Hermes with no problems at all. If you get a CarComm mount they also have a 12v feed out to keep the bluetooth unit charged. Andy
  15. Doooooh!! Thank you for putting me right

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