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  1. If you havent already tried bitstreams Thunderhawk 2 for web browsing on your pocket pc, then do so now http://www.bitstream.com/wireless/products...etpc/index.html. You will find it a refreshing change from microsofts pocket explorer offering. Anyway....i have had it working fine using Orange SPV M1000 over GPRS. I have not managed to get it to connect and surf via activesync. I made sure i could surf by surfing with MS PIE, through activesync, but no go with thunderhawk. Also, another drawback with thunderhawk is that you can't opt to not load graphics (incidently, when you do load grapics, does TH compress the images before it delivers them to your phone??) If anybody can answer any of these questions then please reply. Thanks
  2. The phone app on the m1000 looks a bit dated to me, is it skinnable? Are there currently any skins for it? Cheers
  3. I have a sync and charge cable for the E200, will it work on the M1000. I read somewhere that the connector pin outs may be different. Cheers
  4. I tried that in the altrincham orange shop and they told me i had to bring in my receipt etc. I upgraded via orange. So they wouldnt let me have one.
  5. When I got my E200, i only got the 8mb card and not the extra card with Time Out City Guide to New York. I am going there next week and it would come in handy to have this programme. Did anybody get this card free and decided they dont want it. I cant find this software anywhere. If anybody knows where i can buy it please let me know. Or can the file be posted? Any help appreciated.
  6. Try this programme called dvd to pocket pc from www.makayama.com. I have a trial of it at approx 9mb if anybody needs it. This lets you rip from dvd and select 128mb or 256 mb memory card and it squeezes it to the size you choose. End result is wmv file. I am not a fan of wmv. Give it a go anyway, watching Beat Street on my phone was quite nostalgic. Cheers
  7. I have also called fones4free to see if thier offer was genuine (i didn't want to look stupid when calling one stop phone shop), and I got throught the first time on the number on the web site. They said they had stock, but unless i ordered it from them i couldn't be 100% sure. Good on you for getting a phone out of them and getting the price matched. They were bitter about though, hence the messing around you had upon receipt. Cheers
  8. I thought i would order an SPV E200 from One Stop Phone Shop, and seeing as those annoying stamps appear all over your screen when you visit thier site, i thought i would take them up on thier offer. They claim they will beat any orange deal til it hurts!!!! by £10.00!!! That's a nice offer, but when i put them to the test, it isnt the case. I asked them to give me the same deal that i could get from www.fones4free.com which was a SPV E200 on your plan 200 tariff. www.fones4free.com offer it for free and one stop phone shop offer it at £34.99 on your plan 200. After being treated as if i was thick "Thats a different tariff" and "thats not the same phone", they eventually told me i could have it for £24.99 and played ignorant when i mentioned the "beat any orange deal til it hurts". Anyway, the conversation was left with them calling me back. That was thursday and still no call back. I should have learnt my lesson really, because i bout the original SPV from them in February this year with the offer of a free in car charger, which they tell me was not available. Anybody else had an experience like this??
  9. hi, i installed the kidz skin, its very nice, then i felt like a change so i installed a different skin. The home screen is fine, bit programme menu screens are still in the kidz theme of brown. How do i get them back to the way they were? Thanks TAGS
  10. I am struggling with this now...any help please. I have had the latest version (as on first post) working fine on pass-through, but unable to connect on gprs. I think i may have changed some settings. I have changed them back to how www.coolsmartphone.com suggests in one of thier pages. Any ideas what the correct settings should be. I am on de-certified orange spv. Thanks TAGS
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