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  1. I tried it a couple of days ago and didn't have a problem. As far as I know, Facebook only uses Java for the "Video" Application. If this application appeared on the page you were trying to look that might have caused the error.
  2. There don't seem to be any adverse side effects... it's just really annoying having to press "ok" quite a lot! I only Sync my phone every month or so but the notifications appear almost every day.
  3. I'm with you there on the "wait till something major goes wrong" plan.
  4. I keep getting an "Notification Error" saying "Cannot Execute repllog.exe". When OKing this, there is another one behind it saying "Cannot Execute clocknot.exe". The only thing I've installed is Slide Actions.
  5. The sliding mechanism on my Hermes/M3100 was "tight". It didn't wobble at all, and the two halves were snug to each other - even after a few drops (!). My new Touch Dual, straight out of the box, isn't like this at all. When "closed" there is a 1mm gap between the halves which closes under pressure. When I press the keypad the gap closes. It feels like something is a little loose. This also happens when I press the screen in the top right hand corner. You can actually hear something creaking against something else. I am being paranoid about my new toy? Are all Duals like this? Or should I be sending it back (despite the perils)?
  6. I installed HTC Home Customizer (from http://www.pocketemu.com/hhc-info.html) on my Dual. After waiting for a very long time on the Windows intro screen, I had to do a Hard Reset to recover it. Do I need to install HTC Home first? Even though it already has HTC Home built in? Which version should I use?
  7. It looks like a new-improved version of the M2000 which I was craving until the M3100 came out. This could sway me from the M3100 though. Depends on size though. Is it bigger than the Hermes? Is it the same size as the Hermes? If so, how would you type using that qwerty?
  8. Recently upgraded from an M2000 to M3100. I think the only major difference is the different keyboard. The M3100's is surely far easier to use (except when you have the headphones plugged in - slightly awkward getting your hand round it). Otherwise I think it's just lots of little differences: Better res camera. Slightly quicker. More compact (unless you have to have a huge screen). Scroll wheel. 3G. They all add up to make it a cracker I reckon.
  9. Just installed it and it's fantastic. Much quicker browsing through photos I find. And one click to look at a photo in full screen. Thanks Richard_d
  10. I have an M3100 and am disappointed with the "Pictures and Videos" program. I find that IA Album on the M2000 is far better. Easy navigation, zooming and full screen mode all on the little task bar. Is there an equivalent for the M3100 available?
  11. My M3100 hasn't crashed at all since I got it (on the first day it was available for telesales upgrades). Haven't had any problems running Tomtom. Maybe you're not unlucky, it's me being lucky?!
  12. Is there a decent album program available? The "Pictures & Videos" program on the M3100 is rubbish compared to IA Album on the M2000. Maybe it's a bit too much to ask for a free one...
  13. Is there a (free) Registry editor that anyone can recommend?
  14. I have an M3100, Tomtom Navigator 5 and a Holox BT-321 GPS Receiver. Having difficulty getting all three to talk to each other! First, I have to pair the GPS Receiver with the M3100, right? M3100 recognises the receiver fine. Then I need to create an outgoing port, right? The only ones that work are COM0 and COM8. All the others come up with "The COM port could not be created. Please check your settings and try again." When I go in to: Tomtom, Change Preference, Show GPS Status, Configure and then select Other Bluetooth GPS - only COM3, COM7, RIL on COM6 and S2410 IRDA are optioned. So still no GPS device is recognised. Any help? Otherwise Tomtom works fantastically.
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